Finding Machine Embroidery Patterns/Designs

I have been amazed at the number of FREE machine embroidery patterns I have been able to find… and nice ones at that. Many of the sites I will list below offer a set number of free patterns per week, and more if you also make purchases. Each site has easy sign up and most have the ability to create a wish list of patterns you like, both free and to purchase, so you can just add the free ones to your shopping cart each week.

Each pattern allows you to download to suit your machine, format and hoop size. Because my machine is a Brother, I download in a .pes format and a 4 x 4 hoop size.

I have already accumulated a very large number of both paid and free patterns in designs that will enable me to make some really great gifts for next Christmas as well as other occasions along the way!

Etsy has also been a great place to find great prices on some licensed and other patterns, if you are looking for something specific!


Here is a list of the Machine Embroidery pattern sites that I have found so far, with links to the home pages. Each has something that will interest everyone!

  1. Embroidery Designs –
  2. Ann the Gran –
  3. Embroideres –
  4. Bunny Cup –
  5. Embroidery Online –
  6. Oma’s Place –
  7. Swak Embroidery –
  8. Kreative Kiwi –
  9. Free Embroidery Design –
  10. Embroidery Patterns –

2 thoughts on “Finding Machine Embroidery Patterns/Designs

    • I found it great that some of them offered weekly free patterns, giving me lots of different patterns to stock up on! I hope you find patterns that interest you on the sites you haven’t been to yet! 😊

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