Sewing Day #8

As you have probably noticed from my recent Sewing Posts, I have been having a great time playing around with my new sewing machine lol.

With Mother’s day just past, I used it as an opportunity to play some more…. not only did I make my Mother-in-law a cool reusable bag that says, “Check Meowt” I also made her a monogrammed handkerchief!

I know that not many people actually use them any more but I still thought it was a nice little gift!

For Kim, I got her a cute bracelet that says, “Mama Bear,” and I stitched/embroidered her a little gift bag to put it in with one of her favourite characters on it… Betty Boop!!!

That is the sewing I managed to get done for Mother’s Day and the gifts were greatly appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Sewing Day #8

  1. I still use hankerchiefs and the one you made was lovely. t’s getting more and more difficult to buy them. I generally buy mine from antique linen stalls in French markets. The stall holder has generally bought up unsold stock from shops.
    I’m sure both your lovely gifts were much appreciated.

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      • I bet those quilts are lovely. My sister in law makes gorgeous quilts but hers are very colourful. I’ll have to ask her if she’s seen any made with hankerchiefs. Like Southern Prairie Girl I also like cocktail and dinner napkins but I find those easier to buy in either shops or again vintage linen stalls.

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    • I love the vintage hankies as napkins… what a cool idea!
      I thought the hankies might be a nice keepsake for weddings and such… father/mother of the bride sort of thing… because you’ve got to know most moms at least are going to cry lol!


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