Fabric Baskets from Dollar Store Placemats

Big title for a cool idea lol! And Happy Wednesday!

I can’t remember if I saw this idea on Pinterest or Facebook but it was something I had locked away in my brain for another day…. and it has taken me this long for it to fall out of the “vault” again lol! It was such a cool idea that I really wanted to try it.

Last time Dillon and I were at the Dollar Store I was looking for something else in the aisle that had the placemats and when I saw them I remembered the idea and grabbed a few. With a few simple straight seams I had a couple of really cute fabric storage baskets! I haven’t decided what I am actually going to use them for but I am happy with them!

These are great for storing whatever you want…. in the bathroom, bedroom, baby’s room… wherever you want!


As the title infers, I started out with 2 somewhat reversible fabric placemats from the dollar store.

The first thing I did was to fold the placemats in half, with the side I wanted to show on the outside facing inside when folded.

I pinned them in place and sewed up the seams where I had pinned them.

Next I folded each of the corners in towards the inside of the placemats (what is going to be the outside once completed), measured how deep I wanted the seams to be and then marked what is now a triangle with an erasable sewing marker.

I sewed on those lines, cut the corners off to about 1/2 inch from the seam and turned the placemats/fabric storage baskets right side out.

I folded down a “lip” at the top, showing the contrasting side and I now have a couple of cute little fabric baskets to store whatever I want in.

With there being so many different patterns for fabric placemats the colour options are endless. Make a few to match every room for those odds and ends that always seem to accumulate but don’t have a home!

2 thoughts on “Fabric Baskets from Dollar Store Placemats

  1. I love this! One thing I need is a bread basket for hot rolls. This would be perfect for that. I can fold it into a drawer for storage instead of having to make space for a regular basket somewhere.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It is so easy to make and you are right… it would be perfect for a basket for rolls! And there are so many different patterns for placemats you would have no problem finding something to match your decor!


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