Fabric Clothespins Bag

I bought one of those hanging clothespins bags from the dollar store years ago. I am really surprised it has lasted as long as it did. When I was hanging clothes on the line last week I noticed that every time I put a clothespin back in the bag I could hear a little clunk noise…. I had a big hole in the bag and my clothespins were falling out into one of my gardens!!!

At first I was going to just buy another one seeing the last one lasted as long as it did but then decided I would just make one.

I used the old one as a pattern from the new one but you could just as easy make your own pattern. It is after all only rectangles with a circle on one to put the clothespins in and a small hanger to actually hang it. But I took the easy route and just used the old one.


I started off with a fat quarter I bought a while back at Wal-mart to make the bag.

I folded the fat quarter in half and laid the old bag on top of the fabric to cut the rectangles out.

Once the rectangles were cut out I thought why not embroider something on the front of the bag…. just because I could and it’s fun playing with my sewing machine lol!

I hooped the front of the bag (before I cut the circle into it so there was more fabric when hooping.

And then embroidered the word “Laundry” on it. I wanted to put “Clothespins” on the front but the word was too long.

Now it was time to cut out my circle on the front piece. I cut the old one open and laid the front from that one on the new piece of fabric and cut it to match.

I placed the front and back pieces together, with the fronts together, pinned it and sewed all the way around the bag. I trimmed the corners and then used an overcast stitch to stop the insides from fraying.

I took two of the thin pieces I cut from the fat quarter, sewed them together to make one long piece and then pressed them in half, pattern facing out.

I measured the length I need to go all the way around the opening, cut and sewed the ends together and pinned this all the way around the opening of the bag.

I sewed this piece on, clipping the curves after it was sewn and then pinned and sewed it on the inside to finish off the seam.

I pressed the whole thing, then put the hanger back in and sewed about a one inch line on each side to make sure the hanger wouldn’t swing and fall out…. and now I have a new clothespin bag without any holes!

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