Help lol!!!! I don’t know why, but this is the worst year for mosquitoes that I can recall! They are literally swarms… and they lay in wait outside all of the doors just waiting for a victim!

I swear we have tried every possible “remedy” we can find and nothing seems to have any impact whatsoever!

So…. I am looking for suggestions. Does anyone have a magic mosquito repellent remedy we can try?

I’ve tried planters with citronella and mint plants, lavender oil, garlic, Epsom salt/mouthwash, clove oil…. the only thing that’s working even a little is burning sage incense and that is only succeeding in keeping them off the screens. Once you get past the doors you are still under attack!

Considering the fact they tend to fly by everyone else to bite me, I am especially interested in any possible relief….


16 thoughts on “Mosquitoes!!!!

  1. This may sound weird… but last year I started taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every morning, and during last summer, I only received 3 bites. That is unheard of for me! We also have a ton of spearmint growing next to our front door, and that seems to help a ton.

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  2. Sandie, I’m afraid I too tend to be targeted. I’ve tried everything but nothing really works well. I just have to keep myself covered with repellent at all times.

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    • You would think with the amount of garlic I cook with that they would leave us alone!
      I had read that garlic was a deterrent as well and went so far as to make garlic water (fresh garlic stewed in boiling water, left over night), and sprayed it all over the back of the house and not even a little difference… I was so disappointed! Right now we constantly have sage incense burning beside all the doors. All it does is keep the “swarm,” well most of them, from coming in with us 🥴

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  3. Sandie, they are bad here too. Makes me crazy even though I am not the first target they seek.
    I have had to fall back on DEET. It works. Can’t figure out how to share the link on my phone, but look up mosquito repellants and go to the Web.MD article . It will reassure you that it’s safe.
    Learned a couple of new things there. Mosquitos are only repelled where the stuff is applied, so if you miss the back of your arms or at the neckline of your t-shirt or the tops of your bare feet they will find those spots. I figured that out from personal experience, but that is spelled out in the article. It’s why those bracelets aren’t effective.
    So I spray it down my arms and while it’s wet I try to rub it all around to get to all the edges. I turn my face away and spray my neckline and then I’ll spray it on my hands and apply it to my face, ears, and around my neck. I usually wear jeans for yard work, and I now remember to spray my feet if I am barefoot.
    I apply it the same way to kids and my dogs also get the same treatment.
    There are different strengths of it, Deep woods Off is the strongest I think and lasts 5 hours. I use it if I am mowing, but I have some not so strong that I spritz on if I won’t be out there very long.
    You don’t have to rub it in like sunscreen, just smear it on. So if I use both I apply the sunscreen first and then bug spray on top of that.
    One of my mosquito sources is a bird bath in my neighbor’s yard. He died last year and the house is vacant right now so I am going to get some of those donut looking things you can put in water to kill mosquitos. He also used to have a little pond, so there may be some puddles under the weeds.
    I keep the standing water dumped at my house, but that article says they may lay the eggs around the edges so you have to wash those things out not just dump the water. I didn’t know that. It may be the source of my back door swarm.
    By the way, if your bites swell up and get ugly and itchy, baking soda can help. Wet your finger and dip it in the baking soda and then apply to the bite. You can make a paste if you’re covered in bites. As it dries it will flake off so try to apply while you’re still outside. If you get it on a fresh bite it can prevent the swelling and redness from happening. It also works on wasp stings. Make a thick paste and apply it to the sting and then I wrap it with gauze or a strip of fabric just to keep it in place longer. If the sting is really painful I will dampen the wrap again to reactivate it. I say “wrap” because stings are frequently on hands and arms. And the bandage is mostly to keep from flaking baking soda all over the place as it dries.
    Ok I’ll stop talking now. Good luck!

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    • Wow! Thank you Jan for all that information! I’m not sure why they are so bad this year so any help/suggestions are welcomed! I don’t think I have ever heard about actually rubbing the bug spray in so that will be the first thing I try.
      I wouldn’t have guessed they would still lay eggs even if the water was dumped… good to know! Our biggest problem is standing water because there is a little stream right along our fence line and what we call the swamp just a little bit up the road… mostly a section of forest that is almost always full of water. Because of the cows and horses grazing at the back fence line we can’t treat it for fear of making them, or the dog, sick.. otherwise I would have done that for sure.
      Where we live, in cottage country, all anyone is talking about is this year’s mosquito issue and no one I’ve talked to yet has come up with anything that gives more than a passing relief. I sure hope it’s not going to be this bad all summer 😥


  4. My sister and brother are targets too. And I have a sis-in-law that they leave alone completely. My older brother was funny because on him, when a mosquito bit him, the mosquito would fall off and die. It was a running joke that he had killer blood.Turns out he was rh negative. So definitely think blood type makes a difference in mosquito cuisine preference. 🙂 A friend of mine swears by Skin So Soft from Avon. It’s not a bug repellent but apparently the mosquitos slide off. LOL I didn’t see anyone else mention it in the comments so I’ll mention it in case it helps. Apparently Avon now sells Skin So Soft Repellent. My friend was talking about the bath oil and not this new repellant but maybe the repellant is good too. Good luck!

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    • Thank you for the suggestion!!! I have heard SSS could help repel mosquitoes but I have never actually tried it. Right now we are loading up with a Deet Spray, burning sage incense at the doors and trying to grin and bear it…. some more than others…. I know there isn’t much grinning on my part lol!
      Blood type must affect who they bite in some respect because there are a lot of people who they don’t bother with… I just wish I was one of them lol!

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