(Baby) Girl’s Bandana Dress

I hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful Father’s Day! We had a nice family BBQ on the BBQ we finally got… well, the kids and I split and got one for Chris for Father’s Day. We had burgers and salads for lunch and I got Chris and Dillon some HUGE steaks to BBQ for dinner… so a good day all around and I got to spend some time with Kim and my grand-baby while the boys did their own thing!

I think I saw this idea originally on Pinterest and it stuck out in my head for awhile. I think it is so cute and not only is it a dress on my granddaughter right now, it can double as a bathing suit cover up and even a little tunic with leggings as she grows. I have already ordered another 2 bandanas in a nice turquoise colour to make her another one!


This dress is very simple to make and takes some ribbon and 2 bandanas…. the same colour… or even 2 different colours if you want to be able to switch it around for another look in the same dress!

I chose a nice purple colour for the bandanas for the first one and used some 1 inch white ribbon I had. The bandanas were under $3 each on Amazon.ca.

The first thing I did was to pin a hem on what was going to be the bottom of the dress and pinned the top wide enough to accommodate the ribbon I chose.

I sewed the bottom hem and then measured what I needed the length to be for the side seams, from her shoulder to arm pit.

In this case my measurement was 4 inches so I sewed it to 5 inches. I marked how far I wanted to stitch to the arm pit and sewed up the side seams.

I didn’t even think about hemming the arm openings on the dress until after I sewed the side seams, so I removed the first 2 pins from where I had folded and pinned for the ribbon casing.

I folded the arm opening and pinned the same width as the side seam allowance and sewed it sort of like you would a placket to finish off the arm opening. It looks like this.

I refolded and repinned the ribbon casing and sewed across on both front and back. All I had left was to cut and thread the ribbon through the casing.

And here is the finished bandana dress for my granddaughter! It should be nice and cool to wear when it gets hot and will be perfect to put over her bathing suit on the way to the beach!

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