Review – Grocery Store (Loblaws)Freebie – Beef & Spinach Lasagna

I am sure I have mentioned before that I shop at a store that offers “Click and Collect” grocery shopping. It has been a huge help on my TBI recovery because it means I do not have to actually go into the grocery store. You order what you need online, they shop (with your instructions on how you want your fruit or whatever) and then bring it out to your vehicle in designated parking spots. It is an awesome service!

Last week when we were picking up our groceries we were given a freebie. We quite often get items free as samples but this time it was a store assembled full dinner.

It included everything needed (including the pan) to make a Beef & Spinach Lasagna!

It came with detailed instructions, laminated even, to show you how to make it… which is great because it could be used as a “recipe” to follow at a later date!

It took about 20 minutes to assemble and then a bit in the oven and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

While it is awesome to get a freebie, it is even better when it is this good… so Thank You Loblaws!

One thought on “Review – Grocery Store (Loblaws)Freebie – Beef & Spinach Lasagna

  1. How cool on the freebie! We live in a small town, and our Walmart just starting the pickup service a few weeks ago. Watching the “shoppers” in the store is quite an experience to see. They shop, checkout and sack on the spot as each item goes in the box. I haven’t used it yet, but I can see how wonderful the service would be.


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