Grandma’s Gallery

When “the kids” were up for Canada Day, Kim brought me a crayon drawing my granddaughter had made. I had it on the fridge with magnets but I thought my granddaughter’s art work deserved a special place to be displayed.

I remembered seeing different versions of ways to display art work from children/grandchildren and I decided I was going to make something out of a $2.32 piece of wood Dillon got for me when were at the lumber store.

(Dillon wasn’t going to let me go with him to the lumber store because I have a bad habit of sniffing the air… almost to the point of making myself hyperventilate because I love how the fresh cut wood smells but on a promise not to over sniff, I was allowed to go lol!)


I started off by base painting the piece of wood and then adding on the design I wanted for the sign.

Note: I use a website called when I need to create some wording for painting. (I did decide afterwards to remove the word “art” because it just didn’t seem to look right)

I started painting my lettering. Because I used a dark read for my background colour, it took quite a few coats to get it right.

When the base painting of the lettering was done, I added a little shading and then outlined it in black paint to make the letters pop a bit.

Next came the cute designs I wanted to put on the sign. I chose paint brushes with faces on them… they turned out pretty cute!

When they were dry, I decided I also wanted to speckle the sign… just because I like the look of speckled when I have a darker base colour.

I took it outside and gave it a few good coats of varethane….

And then all I had to do was add hangers to the back, attach the string where the clothespins would hang to display the art work and my sign was all done and ready to hang!

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