Hummingbird Swing

Yes… I do know that the chances of a hummingbird actually using this are slim to none, but I still wanted to make one because they are just so cute!

This is an easy project, and if you are anything like me, you have everything on hand already!

I found a small branch in the yard and then used a spool of wire from the dollar store and some random beads I had in a margarine container.

I cut 2 lengths of wire longer than I wanted the height of my swing.

I made a hanger by folding the two pieces of wire in half and twisting it to form a little loop for hanging.

After that it was just a matter of stringing the beads in the order I wanted them and wrapping the remainder around the branch.

Optional: adding more beads and making a swirl if wanted to finish the wire ends.

I have it hanging near one of the hummingbirds favourite feeders in the hopes I see one actually use it!


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