Painted Rock – Garden Decor

We have had this half of a rock sitting at the edge of the rail ties in front of one of our gardens for a long time. It used to be one big rock but it broke in half one day… maybe because of age? I don’t know why it broke but it gave me 2 new surfaces to paint on. The first half I used to make my mother in law a faux pond for a gift when she had to remove her pond/koi so she could still have a few “fish” in the garden… the second one I painted over the last few days.

The faux Koi Pond rock I painted a few years ago… the other half of the broken rock.

There really wasn’t much to do, steps wise, to paint the rock. I took the hose and a scrub brush to the rock to prepare the surface… making sure there was no dirt or anything built up on it.

I started to base paint what I decided I wanted on the rock. I added some bees because the really big fat ones are all over one of my shrubs all the time lol….

The background and bees base painted.

Next I base painted the daisies and painted the other flowers I wanted in the bottom corner with the green background… and a few at the top of the rock.

I finished painting it… and had to wait for everything to dry….

All I had to do now was to give it a lot of coats of varethane so it could withstand the “elements” and then placed it where I wanted it in the garden!


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