Turtle Rock

No, this isn’t some kind of new age music lol. It is literally a rock!

When I chose the rock to do my Welcome Sign Rock last week I noticed another rock that I thought would be cool to paint. I decided I wanted to paint it to look like a turtle. Apparently it isn’t/wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I didn’t have much trouble painting the turtle’s shell… my problems started with the face! I have painted and repainted the face about 8 times to get something that resembles something other than a cartoon turtle!

While I do understand it is still just a rock when all is said and done… I really wanted it to look maybe a little life like. I don’t mean full on turtle, I just want it to look real with a passing look… just enough to warrant a second look lol.. make sense?

I base painted the rock green, then drew a rough sketch of what I wanted the turtle to look like with a white pencil crayon.

This is how my shell turned out. That, it would seem, was the easy part even though it was what I was most worried about doing.

And, after many attempts, this is the face of my turtle.

Now all I have to do is give it a few coats of varethane and it was ready for the garden!

Outside drying on the deck!


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