My Favourite Summer Recipes


This week Kim and I are both doing versions of our favourite summer recipes.  You will have already seen Kim’s favourites earlier this week… this is mine, and I will admit that most of it revolves around homemade ice cream lol!


1. BBQ & Salads

In the summer we like to BBQ a lot and I generally just serve whatever “meat” we are grilling with some kind of salad or even just fresh veggies and cheese.  A favourite salad in this house is the Cucumber Salad I posted earlier this month.  Chris and Dillon love that one!  We also like to have a bowl of Macaroni salad or Potato salad of some kind in the fridge to have with meals, and I always, always add tuna to my macaroni salad.  It just isn’t the same without it!



And for Mother’s Day 2 years ago, after much hinting, Dillon bought me an ice cream maker and what fun that has been! We have had raspberry sherbet, cherry Coke sherbet, strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream… I went a little crazy making all different kids of ice cream flavours for us to try.  There are still some that I just have to try that I found on Pinterest… imagine that!

The first one being MINION ICE CREAM.  Who knew there was such a thing?  But, being a huge fan of Minions, that is definitely on my to make list for this summer!  This is where I found it –

Next up is Carrot Cake Ice Cream that I found here –

And finally Cookie Monster Ice Cream lol, and here is where I found that one.  Isn’t it so cute?

3. Canning

Another favourite past time/recipe grouping that I like for summer are canning recipes.  So far I have posted an Onion Jam and Horse Radish recipe, and we will be posting recipes and pictures when we do various jellies or jams, pickles and other things we plan to make for our Christmas Preserve Baskets for 2017.

Next week I am going to try a Cranberry Raspberry Jelly, made with juice and I am thinking about making some marmalade this summer as well.  We started out with a theme for our baskets for this year but I have honestly forgotten what it is lol.  There will definitely be a lot of variety at least!

4. Taco Pizza

Another favourite summer meal here is Taco Pizza. I can do all my prep in the morning while it’s still cool, including baking the “crust,” so that all I have to do is assemble and quickly bake it come dinner time! I think I am going to try different versions of “pizza” using the crescent roll crust for summer this year!

5. Cherry Cheesecake

Now, my absolute favourite summer time dessert is this cherry cheesecake that my family has been making for ages.  It is made with a Dream Whip and cream cheese filling on graham crumbs and topped with cherries. I am sure it won’t be long until I am making my next one… I will post that recipe when I do.

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