Cricut Kitchen Sign

I was lucky enough to have a day where I could and felt like playing again. This time I decided to make a little sign on a dollar store chalk board for my kitchen. I made it and hung it in the open space on the wall behind my taps.

I have to admit… I had a complete “Duh” moment when I did this one. I wasn’t even thinking about how dark the background/chalk board was before I cut the vinyl. I was out of black, so I used a dark brown which barely showed up on the chalk board! I ended up having to recut that section of the pattern in white in order for it to be noticed. Live and learn I suppose lol!


Let me start by saying that this is where I found my pattern: . They have so many awesome FREE SVG cut files that my mind has been reeling with possibilities!

I downloaded the pattern to my phone (my Cricut is Bluetooth enabled so I don’t even have to lug my laptop down to the craft room when I want to make something… how awesome is that?) and then connected to my Cricut to start the pattern.

This pattern had 3 steps/different colours. I fed the cutting mat into the Cricut when prompted for each colour. This is what I ended up with.

I cut the letters apart and set up the pattern on a piece of the transfer tape, taking care to make sure it was straight and evenly spaced… leaving the backing paper on the vinyl for this part.

Now I peeled the backing paper off of every section/letter. At this point it is pretty much a big decal ready for a surface.

I placed the decal/lettering onto my chalk board, again making sure it was straight…. gotta love the grid on the transfer tape!

I used the scraper tool that came with the machine, going over every part of the pattern/vinyl to make sure it stuck.

Finally I removed the transfer tape from the front and I had my sign… well, the first version of my sign.

And here is the sign AFTER I recut the letters I originally did in brown!

4 thoughts on “Cricut Kitchen Sign

    • Thank you… and I know exactly what you mean. There’s nothing I like better than giving/getting something handmade. The thought that goes into it is worth so much! I settled on baking because I wanted it in the kitchen… and because of the sheer number of “hobbies” I enjoy lol! 😊

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