Learning New Cricut Skills

I swear I have seen so many of the split letter monograms and signs on Pinterest that I had to try it! It means I learned a new skill/technique on my Cricut and in the Design Space program.

I found a great tutorial here: https://www.howtoheatpress.com/split-letter-monogram-tutorial/?epik=dj0yJnU9cGRuV1Q2ZVJmWXVvWUhXazRvalJqWW1EdUdGdWhtZWwmbj1FejBrMFcwS3VzZjNaVk5LZHlDTDlRJm09MyZ0PUFBQUFBRjFsRnhB and it worked out great for me. I learned what it meant to “Weld” and to “Slice” in Design space!!!!

Here is a screenshot of Design Space with my project once I finished “designing” it! I know it might look sort of complicated but once you have been through one of the processes a few times, it doesn’t seem quick so daunting!

And this is the “design” cut and attached to the little dollar store sign I base painted last week!

I am having a great time “Playing” and of course learning as I go with my Cricut. Every new trick or technique I learn opens up so many doors to new projects!


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