“Boy Stuff” with my Cricut

Yes, I know… weird title. Chris has been watching and admiring all the stuff I have been making with the Cricut and I guess he wanted in on it lol!

Years ago I painted the name of his “toy” truck onto the air breather cover. Right now he is in the midst of “modifying” said truck into what he calls the “baddest truck in the Kawartha Lakes” but still wanted to include that name.

He took a picture of what I painted all those years ago and I somehow managed to clean it up enough to make a vinyl sticker out of it. While it is still a bit rough around the edges it isn’t too bad for a first attempt!

This is the picture I had to work with of the name I painted on the air breather cover.

While I couldn’t get the shading part into the sticker without using a cut and print process (I didn’t want to print because I think after a bit the ink would just start to fade) so I just did the sticker in black vinyl for him.

The second thing he wanted me to try was a modification of a sticker someone else gave or made for him. It is a Hendriks racing logo.

While that sticker is great, the bottom portion is done in black and with how dark the tint is on the windows of the truck it wouldn’t have shown up well.

I cleaned up the parts of the sticker I didn’t want/need to cut… again in Design Space…. measured how big the original image was so it would fit, and cut it out of white vinyl.

Before picture….

After picture… and yes, the white is hard to see on the white background.

Now he can put the vinyl stickers on the back window of his truck AND have it stand out because the black part is now white!


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