Cricut – Leather Bracelets

I would like to start by saying sorry for not posting yesterday, or Sunday for that matter. I have no excuse other than I have had a few blah days and I did absolutely nothing other than accept the delivery of our new recliners. Could be worry about my grandmother, who is back at home… which was wonderful news or because yesterday it was a year since we lost Kita, or who knows what else…. I am just blah!

I did however make these bracelets last week, or even the week before, I don’t recall. I saw a bunch of cut leather bracelets on Pinterest and though it would be cool to one, try one of the patterns I found, and two, to try to create my own in Design Space with a cat theme for the Christmas Craft Sale I am starting to prepare for.

My “designs” are fairly simple and I learned how to download them from Design Space, turn them into .png files and then .svg files which was pretty cool and enabled me to try to sell my patterns/designs on Etsy! At the end of this post I will provide the links to the designs if anyone is interested!

I need to stock up on my jewelery findings and such, which is why only one of the bracelets have chains and clasps but I you will still be able to see the actual leather part of the bracelets!

The first pattern is one I purchased from another Etsy seller and I very impressed with how well the Cricut actually cuts leather. It opens a whole new avenue of projects to try! I think Dillon wants to try it this weekend for one of the leather bound books he makes!

Here is the purchased pattern bracelet completed….

And these are the two I “designed” myself for the Craft Sale! Like I said, nothing really fancy but still cool! NOTE: If anyone does look at my patterns on Etsy, please let me know if you think I am charging too much for it… Please???

Cat Bracelet
Cat Bracelet

This is all of bracelets just after cutting.

And here are the links to my Etsy Store listings:

This listing is for the Black Bracelet:

And listing is for the Red Bracelet:


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