Bathroom Sign

We were sitting watching TV the other night when there was a great resounding crash. It took us a minute to determine what it was. Well… the wire that was on the back of our bathroom mirror to hang it by broke. The mirror fell off the wall, hit the vanity and then shattered everywhere. The fall even broke the wooden frame going around the mirror! It not only scared the crap out of us, it also meant we had to replace said mirror.

We decided to use a mirror we had somewhere else in the house to replace it (this also means that I now have a “feature wall” to decorate… one that is one of the first things you see when you walk in the door!).

Because it is a different shape/size mirror than the last, there is a space between the mirror and where the back splash starts. I thought that would be the perfect place to add a little sigh lol… and give me the opportunity to play a little! You can see the space I am talking about below. Don’t mind the out of proportion look of the picture. I was trying to take it without being in it lol.

I went down to the craft room to find a piece of wood that would work for this sign. I found a piece of fence board that would be perfect!

I base painted the fence board in a light gray colour to match the bathroom.

While it was drying, I designed a little bathroom sign to cut using my Cricut.

When the piece of wood was fully dried, I applied the vinyl I had cut out to the sign and then gave it a coat of varethane to seal it. I thought it would be easier to clean considering it is going in the bathroom.

I decided last minute to sand the edges of the sign to give it a more “vintage” look, and I was very happy with the results!

And here is my little sign, hung up to add a bit more decor to the bathroom!


8 thoughts on “Bathroom Sign

    • Thank you 💗💗💗. You are always so complimentary!
      That mirror was given to us about 12 years ago and was near the coat closet. It was already down because of painting, so it was an easy decision to switch it into the bathroom! AND of course, it gave me another excuse to “play.”
      You’re right, I am getting more comfortable with my Cricut. It still amazes me how easy it is to use, and the quality of the items cut using it! I have a HUGE list of things I want to make. Shame there are only so many hours in a day lol! ⏰

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