Christmas Craft Sale – Cookies for Santa Plate

I love the “Cookies for Santa” plate idea. I couldn’t find out quite how I wanted it to look when it was done, AND have some sort of cat/paw print affiliation, so I had to make my own. I have to say that with Design Space, I find it easy to make what I want that I can’t find… and it gives me the option (when I have enough time) to change the format the pattern and sell it on Etsy or something similar!

For some reason, 2 of my plates are different sizes than the rest??? That meant I had to change the size of the pattern slightly for those 2 plates. Not a big deal because I purposely “welded” this pattern together to make resizing it for the plates easy!

It also gave me a chance to try some layering!!!

Here is the pattern I did for the plates.

I cut out all the pieces in the various colours and got them ready to be applied.

I applied all the vinyl pieces to the plate, layering the pieces for the little critter in the centre of the plate and then heat set them (using my blow dryer lol).

And then they were all ready to pack away for the craft sale in TWO weeks!!!


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