Cat Christmas Tree Ornaments #1

I am doing a couple of different kinds of cat ornaments for the Craft sale coming up…. coming up way too soon for my liking lol!

For these ornaments I cut a bunch of little cat silhouettes and hearts to place on the outside of the clear acrylic balls I bought.

Here is the “pattern” I made for the hearts….

And this is the one for the cat silhouettes…

I cut them, weeded them and applied them one at a time to the ornaments until I liked how it looked.

Once that part was done, I removed the top with the hanging loop from the ornaments and set them opening side up on egg cartons.

I poured white paint into each ornament and turned it back and forth until the entire inside was evenly coated.

I turned the ornaments upside down in the egg cartons to let any excess paint come out and for them to dry.

Once the ornaments were dry, I put the hanging loop end back on and made a nice black and white plaid ribbon bow for the top of each ornament and cut some silver cord to finish them off!

Here is the finished ornament, all ready for the craft sale!