Cool Idea for Stray Cats in Winter! (And the famous Weiner Trap)

I saw this video on Facebook and thought I would share it because it’s such a cool idea!

I don’t know if anyone else has a lot of strays hanging around or not but this would definitely help them come winter!

Here is the link:

It also reminds me of our first winter up here lol. I was positive we had a cat living in our end garage in the middle of a very harsh winter. Being an animal lover I thought I was puy one of our cats old beds out there with a bowl of food. I left the bed out there and refilled the food daily… right up and until we found out it was actually a raccoon I was giving the royal treatment to lol 🙄.

The other silly “citidot” story from when we first moved up here, and again involved a raccoon lol… was our famous “,Weiner Trap.

I have to say that the number of neighbors who stopped at to stare at our trap was hilarious… hence the famous and cidiot monikers!

We were having a lot of issues with raccoons (and yes I do realize it was likely my own fault lol), so we decided to do a catch and release. The hard part was getting the raccoon into the so called trap!

Our “Trap” consisted of a metal wire dog cage with pieces of weiner tied to string and hanging from the roof of the cage.

From there we got a really long rope, attached it to the door of the cage, and all the way to our front door.

The idea was that the raccoon would go into the cage to eat the weiners and once we saw it we saw it. Then it required Chris to pull on the rope to close the door, me to run outside and hold the door closed while Chris cursed and swore and wrapped the cage so the raccoon couldn’t get out.

We used 2 broom handles to lift the cage/trap/raccoon into the Tahoe I was driving then to relocate the problem raccoon.

On the way to it’s new home the damn raccoon shat in my truck lmao 🤣. It stunk up my whole truck. I thought for sure that Chris was going to throw up. It was definitely a story we won’t ever forget!!! And I really wish we had taken pictures lol!


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