New (Different) Project – Online Craft Supply Store

While somewhat craft related, I started a new project yesterday. I haven’t been feeling well the past few weeks… probably a combination of a bad cold I caught and rushing around…. last minute 😦 … getting stuff ready for the craft sale! This project made it ten times worse but the actual start up of this project was the hardest part and it is now done… thankfully lol. Today I will definitely be taking it way, way easier!

This was supposed to be designated as a sitting on my butt, doing a few projects just for me week.

I am working on project I have been wanting to do but I also saw an article about different “passive” income methods. I figured that since I have no idea when, or even if I will be able to go back to work that it might be interesting and even fun to try one of them.

I chose to try a Shopify online store. They were offering a free 14 day trial, so I thought what did I have to lose… other than a lot of my emergency major headache medication lol!

Setting the store itself up and adding products was very easy, just a bit time consuming… not that I don’t have a lot of time. I of course chose to do a craft related store. I am selling all craft supply related items. Everything from vinyl for the Cricut to Cricut machines themselves, to wool for knitting/crocheting and items for leather working and wood for carving. I tried to “stock” my store with items that I would use myself when doing my crafts.

I don’t know how well this will work, but it is kind of fun to pretend shop when I pick out items to add to the store and think of what I would do with them.

It might make for some cool blog posts in the new year making projects with items from my store and then creating a section on my store front with the completed projects and possibly how to videos? Who knows… that’s of course if it lasts that long lol!!!!

Here is a picture of my store front…..

And here is the link if anyone wants to check it out…..


4 thoughts on “New (Different) Project – Online Craft Supply Store

    • Thank you to both. I appreciate the sentiment! I honestly try to take it easy lol…. life just always seems to have other plans for me. There always seems to be something I want/need to get done, especially this time of year. This is my week off before starting Christmas but it sure doesn’t feel like it! At least I am starting Christmas early enough that it shouldn’t be a crazy last minute scramble like most years…. *fingers crossed* lol!

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