Love You “Deerly” Sign

I have seen so many versions of this type of sign on Pinterest that I just had to try one for myself! I had a wall in mind to hang one… hell, I even had the piece of wood to try it… all I needed was the time and inclination lol!

It turned out this week was the week I had the time and for the most part… the inclination!!!

I had a piece of wood I picked up one of the times I was at the lumber store doing something other than just walking around sniffing the air lol…. (I love the smell of the lumber store). I think I paid around $2.00 for this piece of wood!!! It is 36″ x 12″ – 18″.

I base painted it a nice burgundy colour because it was going on a gray painted wall and I wanted it to stand out! It took about 3 coats.

I did the designs in Design Space for both the style of antlers and the wording I wanted for the sign. I couldn’t find single antlers in Design Space so I picked a pair of them and in the part of design space where you can edit the image just removed and resized one side of it. I will just have to remember to cut one as a mirror image so I have matching sides!

Once they were cut I laid everything out on the base painted wood to see how it looked the best, including the artificial flowers I picked up from the dollar store.

When everything was how I wanted it, I applied the vinyl…

Then used my (dreaded) hot glue gun to attach the flowers, added some saw tooth hangers to the back and then gave it a quick coat of sealer so it was ready to hang!

Now my sign is ready to hang once I find my little pink level lol!

All in all I am very happy with how my sign turned out and I will update the post once I find my level and actually hang the sign!


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