Family Tree Wall Art – Cricut Project

I have seen so many of these on Pinterest in those Floating Picture Frames that I decided I really wanted to do one as a Christmas gift this year!

I chose to do one for Kim and her little (for now) family… no spoiling the surprise!!! I will keep the pattern I designed in my Design Space so that when the family grows I just have to add names to cut and add to the “family tree!”

I went into Design Space and looked for a tree with the branch and tree shape I had in mind and then chose fonts and everything I wanted to make the family tree look how I thought it out in my head. Even curving the word “family,” something I learned to do a few weeks ago lol!

Here is the pattern as designed in Design Space…. you can’t see their names very well because of how Design Space presents wording in white but it definitely stands out once it’s hung on a wall!

I cut and weeded all the pieces.. and let me tell you that was a joy!!!! I was on the last name…. and when I was trying to remove the inside piece on one of the Y’s, it went flying off of the backing paper and I still haven’t found it!!!! I had to go back to the craft room and recut that piece! I am sure you can guess how impressed I was lol!

Once the vinyl pieces were ready, I applied them to the inside pieces of the floating frame and put the frame back together so that the vinyl was sandwiched between the two pieces of glass… and now the Family Tree Wall Art is ready to be gifted come Christmas Day!

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