Fence Board “Home” Signs – UPDATE

Since I redecorated, the sign I made for our main floor doesn’t match any longer. I had to repaint it! Like I don’t have enough to do already, right lol?

I decided to paint it in the dark burgundy colour because it is leaning on the light gray wall.

I base painted the one sign with the dark burgundy paint, the cream coloured one on the left, with the green writing and let it fully dry.

This time I decided to do the lettering on my Cricut to save some time lol! I found a nice sort of scroll-y maple leaf to replace the plaid on I painted the first time and added that to the pattern with the letters H, M and E in Design Space.

I did the usual cutting and weeding and then applied it to the base painted wood and put the twine back on for my updated HOME sign!


I spent last night having grandma time with my granddaughter and it was wonderful but boy did she wear me out lol. How did we ever keep up with our own kids way back when lol? I did get a post done beforehand but apparently forgot to change it from just being a draft lol…. here it is….

These were fun to make… and easy… just time consuming because well, the whole waiting for paint to dry thing lol.  I made one for the front porch and one for the Craft Room and I am happy with how they turned out!


I started out with 2 fence boards, about 4 foot long each, some paint and an idea lol!

ALSO…. here is the folding table that Dillon bought for me a few weeks back.  It is a perfect size for painting, cutting out fabric patterns etc., and it folds down with a carry handle so I can move it outside to work on my scroll saw come summer as well!  As you can see, I am taking full advantage of it!!! Thank you Dillon!!!!

Okay, back to the signs….. the first thing I did was to base paint them.  It took a couple of coats to cover so I just left it to dry for a while in between!  It is so nice not to have that happening on my kitchen table any more!

I printed off the letters I would need to paint “Home” on the signs, except for the “O’s.”  I wanted to use something else in it’s place. 

On one sign, I put a maple leaf and the second, a heart. I transferred the patterns to the base painted wood.

I painted in the letters on the signs and let it dry too.

Next I transferred the maple leaf and heart patterns to the signs and painted them with a different colour… let them dry and then taped around them so that I could paint a sort of plaid on them.

I did the plaid paint, fixed up any boo boos I had made….

And then gave them both a coat of sealer before tying some twine around the tops to finish them off!

Here are my finished “Home” Signs!

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