Embroidered/Sewed Reading Pillow

These little reading pillows seem to be everywhere. With my granddaughter’s love of books, making her one of these for Christmas seemed like a perfect gift…. and gave me the chance to play on my sewing machine for a bit. After seeing how nice the “Once upon a Time” turned out I am thinking I should make her a little onesie to go with the pillow! (Sorry for the dark pictures…. I didn’t realize how dark they actually were until I just attached them to my post. I will have to retake and update later.)

I pretend to take credit for her love of reading lol…. that is my one (at least the one I readily admit to) addiction and the hardest thing I’ve had to let go of since my accident. For as far back as I can remember, I have never been without a book in hand, or Kindle now that they have almost replaced books…. although sometimes there is nothing better than the feel and smell of a book in your hands!


I started off with a pillow from the dollar store that I planned on covering, some white broadcloth I planned on using for the pocket and the fabric I was using to cover the pillow… just a pattern with small flowers that I matched threads in the embroidery to closely match.

I cut two squares of the pillow fabric and one square of the broadcloth because it was going to be folded in half after being embroidered to make the pocket.

I folded, pinned and marked centres on the pocket fabric so I knew where to try to centre the embroidery on the pocket fronts. I used a fairly stiff stabilizer to help give the pocket a little bit more substance, sort of like using interfacing.

And then I did my embroidery. I did a once upon a time pattern that I got from Designs by Juju on one side and just her name “Scarlyt” and an “in machine” pattern on the other side.

I pinned the pocket as it was going to sit to the front side of one of the pillow fronts….

And then pinned the pillow pieces together, front sides facing, and sewed all the way around, leaving an opening to turn right way out and to stuff with the pillow.

I stuffed the pillow into the “case,” and then sewed the case closed….

And then I had my cute little Reading Pillow for my Granddaughter for Christmas!

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