Personalized Guitar Strap – Cricut Project

While I have been doing the literally dozens and dozens and dozens…… of Cricut Christmas projects I have been working on, different types of projects keep popping up into my head. I keep wondering what else I can put the Heat Transfer Vinyl on lol! This is one of those projects.

My son-in-law plays guitar. I thought it would be really cool if I could make him a personalized guitar strap using images cut out using my Cricut.

I picked a font for his name and then different images I was able to find right in Design Space and “designed” him a guitar strap.

I didn’t do a screenshot of the grid layout in Design Space because it honestly just looked like a jumble of images lol.

This is how I laid it out on the guitar strap ( that I purchased at Amazon for around $12) before I actually tried to start to iron on the vinyl)

And here is the strap after ironing everything on. I have to say that what the Cricut and the Heat Transfer Vinyl can be adhered to is impressing me more and more each time I try something different. It is opening up more and more options for project and gift giving options!


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