Cranberry Bran Buds Muffins

A few weeks ago I received a coupon in the mail for a free box of All Bran Buds cereal. While I love anything bran, I didn’t feel like just eating it as cereal, so I made muffins. They were going to be raisin bran muffins but I either forgot I was out of raisins or Dillon ate them lol. Thankfully I knew I had a partial bag of frozen cranberries, so I added them instead.

These muffins are nice and moist, not dry like some bran muffins can be. And they freeze really well. I like to keep a few things in the freezer ready to pop in lunch boxes on the off chance I don’t feel like baking one week!


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Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese

I made a nice pork tenderloin the other night for dinner. I had some leftovers but not enough for another meal. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it… then I remembered seeing a Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese somewhere awhile back and decided this was what I was going to make.

With a nice creamy cheese sauce, BBQ sauce and the pulled pork itself, it was a delicious dinner that “the boys” loved! And it used up my leftovers!


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Sewing- Day # 9

I want to start by saying Thank you to for giving me the great advice on how to embroider items that don’t fit in the hoop! I finally took the time to try it yesterday!!!

I couldn’t figure out how to embroider on an oven mitt because they wouldn’t fit in the hoop. In the comments section of one of our previous posts it was suggested that I baste the oven mitt and let it “float” on the hoop. I’m not sure if I did it as described to me but it worked!!!

Here is what I did…

I centered the hoop on my piece of stabilizer and used a fabric marking pen to trace the outline.

I sewed a basting stitch just inside the marked line to hold the oven mitt to the stabilizer.

I attached the hoop to the stabilizer only, allowing the oven mitt to “float” on top of the hoop.

And then I stitched the pattern on the same way I normally would.

And then all I had to do was remove it from the hoop, remove the basting stitch and cut the threads. I finally embroidered on an oven Mitt!

Thank you again


A Day of Yard Work

Phew! Yesterday was a busy day working in the yard.

I started off just planning to put up all of my hummingbird feeders (all 10 of them lol), but it evolved into me getting all of my garden ornaments out and then having a burn. I needed to burn all the branches I gathered from around the yard the other day. And there was a lot!

All the feeders are up and we’ve had a lot of hummingbirds checking them out. Different species too. There’s a beautiful black one with red and yellow on it’s neck, another is a deep emerald green! I love hummingbirds! These are just the ones in the back.

And Chris did a great job cutting the lawn. Better him than me lol… it takes almost 2 hours to do front and back!

And we picked a spot to dig up the grass to make a bigger vegetable garden! I’m very excited! My granddaughter is old enough now that she will be able to eat the veggies I grow!


Apple Cinnamon Roll Dessert

I saw something like this on Facebook when I was looking around one day. I wish I had saved the link so that I could share where the recipe originated but I didn’t even think about it at the time so I had to wing it when I tried it the other day.

What we ended up with was a wonderfully smelling, and tasting, dessert. I thought it would end up more like a cake… or a monkey bread sort of dessert, but the cubes of cinnamon rolls stayed separated and I just ended up spooning it on the plates when serving. No matter how it looked, the taste more than made up for it!


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Start of Gardening Season 2019

I spent some time yesterday doing some yard work. We had a rough, windy winter and our trees bore the brunt of it. There were branches, big and small, scattered all through the yard… some fairly big, some tiny… but they still needed to be collected so the lawn tractor doesn’t have to deal with them.

I filled the little trailer for the lawn tractor to overfilling lol… it was a lot of work but it just means we are getting closer and closer to gardening season.

I am trying to think of a different way to have my veggie garden this year. The felt portable pots worked fairly well last year but they have disintegrated over the winter. Right now I am weighing my options!

While I was out there I decided to take some pictures. My lilac bushes are so close to blooming…. my favourite flowers! I absolutely love the smell of lilac… so much that I have found cleaning products that smell just like them!

Here is a picture of my lilac starting to bloom.

Right now my Forsythia is in full bloom. The yellow flowers are always a nice bright reminder that Spring has arrived… albeit a wet and sometimes cold Spring lol!

Leroy, our Redbone Coonhound decided behind the Forsythia was the perfect place to hide from the big scary lawn tractor lol… he doesn’t like the sound of it!

My Tiger Lilies are starting to sprout up in all the gardens. I took this picture in the front yard of them starting to come up around the old tractor we have as garden “art!”

This last picture is just one I took when I was sitting on the lawn tractor taking a break, enjoying the beautiful day we had… well, most of yesterday and milder weather!

Welcome Spring!!!


(Instapot) Brown Rice Beef Burrito Bowl

The other night I made another great Instapot meal. I have been impressed with everything I have tried to make in it. I was a bit worried when I first got it because I wasn’t all the sure on the “how” it worked but I am really enjoying modifying recipes to make in the Instapot.

I think the Instapot will also be a great cooking means come summer…. I can still make great “indoor” meals without having to turn on the oven!


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