Finding Machine Embroidery Patterns/Designs

I have been amazed at the number of FREE machine embroidery patterns I have been able to find… and nice ones at that. Many of the sites I will list below offer a set number of free patterns per week, and more if you also make purchases. Each site has easy sign up and most have the ability to create a wish list of patterns you like, both free and to purchase, so you can just add the free ones to your shopping cart each week.

Each pattern allows you to download to suit your machine, format and hoop size. Because my machine is a Brother, I download in a .pes format and a 4 x 4 hoop size.

I have already accumulated a very large number of both paid and free patterns in designs that will enable me to make some really great gifts for next Christmas as well as other occasions along the way!

Etsy has also been a great place to find great prices on some licensed and other patterns, if you are looking for something specific!


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January Recipe Prompt

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Since Christmas and New Year’s I have been very lazy!  The rush to get everything done and almost perfect for Christmas wore me out.  I have been sleeping in very late because Chris is on holidays and I don’t have to be up at 5 am and taking full advantage of that fact lol.  Thankfully I had typed in enough posts in December while preparing everything that it carried me through until New Years lol.  It took some marathon typing spurts but I got them all in and a much deserved break!

Now for the start of our 2019 Blogging Year!!!

In a previous post, Blog Post Idea for the New Year, we talked about starting a sort of recipe sharing, monthly recipe prompt. We would love for everyone to comment with a link to one of their posts to share their favourite recipe from whatever “Prompt” we decide on each month.  It could be a simple as a one ingredient prompt, a seasonal prompt or as with this month, a post-holiday prompt.  We really hope all of you will join in on the prompts and share your favourite recipes with our followers!  It is a great way to have possible new followers directed to your blog and to enjoy reading everyone else’s favourite recipes!

This month our Recipe Prompt is: What is your favourite Christmas Leftover Recipe?

Again, we hope everyone will join in and share their favourite recipes! We will post the links to everyone’s recipes in the last week of January!

Sandie & Kim

Dressed up Cake Mix Christmas Cake- Late Post

Yes, I am very late with this post but I still wanted to share this very quick and very simple dress up of a cake I made for Christmas Eve using a boxed cake mix!

Here is what I started with. When I was making the Peanut Butter Balls I ended up with a little extra chocolate candy melts. It was already melted so I spooned it into a sandwich bag, cut a corner off and piped very simple Christmas trees onto parchment paper and let them set in the fridge.

All I had to do once the cake was baked and iced was to arrange the chocolate Christmas trees around the outside and then I plopped a gingerbread ornament on top.

I used the big candy ball sprinkles to make ornaments for the trees and a few on top for decorations and I had a cute little cake ready to take to my in-laws Christmas Eve!


Gum Drop Fudge

I guess I really should have posted this recipe before Christmas but I simply ran out of time! The past two weeks or so have been so busy that when I actually get to my laptop to post I find I am typing 2 or 3 posts at once to get them done and posted. I sure dropped the ball getting to this one lol!

This is another version of a condensed milk fudge…. which means it is quick and easy to make and can be done entirely in the microwave!

(The cookie trays assembled!)


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Salsa for our Christmas Preserve Baskets

I had fully intended to make this salsa in the summer when I had easy access to fresh tomatoes. You know what they say about good intentions??? Well, my intention was to make it in the summer but ended up being the week before Christmas and I had to use canned, diced tomatoes instead of fresh. It still turned out well but would have been even better with fresh! This salsa would make for a great snack with your favourite tortilla chips or even crackers, or used in whatever recipe you have that calls for salsa.


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Easy Fleece Baby Hat

I made my mother-in-law a nice fleece, collared jacket for Christmas.  I made her one years ago and she told me a little while back that she has worn it so much that it is starting to wear out.  That gave me the perfect opportunity to make her a new one for this Christmas!!!

I had some left over fleece from this project…. enough to make my granddaughter a little jacket, pants and a cute little hat!



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Peanut Butter Balls

These are a huge family favourite, they always have been for as far back as I can remember. They are such a favourite that I can always get Dillon to do the rolling part for me lol. While that isn’t necessary always a good thing, it is one thing I can mark off my list of things to do. This year he not only rolled the requisite “balls,” but he also made a log and a cube???? I don’t know if he is reverting back to his childhood and pretending it’s playdoh or what he’s up to but the help is appreciated!


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