Baby Girl “Nerd” Dress

A week or two ago I decided to buy an embroidery pattern to make my granddaughter a little nerd dress.

I found a cute baby “Wonder Woman” pattern on Etsy and I still had enough Marvel fabric to make a skirt for the dress. I found a free download pattern for a dress bodice, and used a big rectangle for the skirt.

And the Baby “Nerd” dress was born lol….

Here is the bodice pattern I found online.

I cut the bodice out of some white broadcloth and then embroidered the Wonder Woman pattern on the the front.

I sewed the bodice front and lining at the shoulder seams on both.

And then sewed the front to the back leaving the back open so I could add a tie closure, right sides together and clipped the curves before turning it right side out.

Next I pressed the seams flat and pinned around the neckline so I could top stitch it.

Now it was time for the tie closure.

I used a nice piece of blue ribbon. I pinned the back opening with right sides together with the ribbon pinned where I wanted it, sewed the seam, then pressed it before turning it right side out.

Next I hemmed the Marvel fabric and sewed it together to form a “tube.”

I ran a row of stitches (on the setting with the longest stitch length) all the way around on the top of the skirt to gather it.

I pressed the bodice bottom under about a half inch and then pinned the skirt in place to only the front of the bodice, not the lining.

Once the skirt was sewn on I pinned the lining to the skirt to cover the seam and hand stitched it in place.

And now my granddaughter is all ready for the next free Comic Book day in occasion appropriate outfit lol!

(It didn’t matter how I hung the dress the bottom looked crooked even though it really wasn’t… maybe just because of the gathers)



Painted Rock – Garden Decor

We have had this half of a rock sitting at the edge of the rail ties in front of one of our gardens for a long time. It used to be one big rock but it broke in half one day… maybe because of age? I don’t know why it broke but it gave me 2 new surfaces to paint on. The first half I used to make my mother in law a faux pond for a gift when she had to remove her pond/koi so she could still have a few “fish” in the garden… the second one I painted over the last few days.

The faux Koi Pond rock I painted a few years ago… the other half of the broken rock.

There really wasn’t much to do, steps wise, to paint the rock. I took the hose and a scrub brush to the rock to prepare the surface… making sure there was no dirt or anything built up on it.

I started to base paint what I decided I wanted on the rock. I added some bees because the really big fat ones are all over one of my shrubs all the time lol….

The background and bees base painted.

Next I base painted the daisies and painted the other flowers I wanted in the bottom corner with the green background… and a few at the top of the rock.

I finished painting it… and had to wait for everything to dry….

All I had to do now was to give it a lot of coats of varethane so it could withstand the “elements” and then placed it where I wanted it in the garden!


Hummingbird Swing

Yes… I do know that the chances of a hummingbird actually using this are slim to none, but I still wanted to make one because they are just so cute!

This is an easy project, and if you are anything like me, you have everything on hand already!

I found a small branch in the yard and then used a spool of wire from the dollar store and some random beads I had in a margarine container.

I cut 2 lengths of wire longer than I wanted the height of my swing.

I made a hanger by folding the two pieces of wire in half and twisting it to form a little loop for hanging.

After that it was just a matter of stringing the beads in the order I wanted them and wrapping the remainder around the branch.

Optional: adding more beads and making a swirl if wanted to finish the wire ends.

I have it hanging near one of the hummingbirds favourite feeders in the hopes I see one actually use it!


Grandma’s Gallery

When “the kids” were up for Canada Day, Kim brought me a crayon drawing my granddaughter had made. I had it on the fridge with magnets but I thought my granddaughter’s art work deserved a special place to be displayed.

I remembered seeing different versions of ways to display art work from children/grandchildren and I decided I was going to make something out of a $2.32 piece of wood Dillon got for me when were at the lumber store.

(Dillon wasn’t going to let me go with him to the lumber store because I have a bad habit of sniffing the air… almost to the point of making myself hyperventilate because I love how the fresh cut wood smells but on a promise not to over sniff, I was allowed to go lol!)


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Recycled Plastic Bottle Vase

Dillon keeps buying Watermelon juice in plastic bottles. Personally I think it sounds kind of nasty lol, but he likes it.

One day I was putting one of the bottles in the recycling and thought it was a sort of cool shape. I decided I was going to do something with it!

I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do… then I decided on a vase. I asked Chris to cut the top off for me and then got to work on it!


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Garden/Trellis Update

With the humidity we have been having and actually remembering to water my garden lol…. everything has taken right off! I swear my tomato plants are now growing a foot a week the last two weeks and even have flowers on them. You can see how everything has just gone a bit crazy!

The cucumbers are starting to “vine” for lack of a better word so I thought it was time to start tying them to the Hula Hoop Trellis I made a while back. While they are only about a foot long at this point I still wanted to start training them to climb the trellis!

We have even been able to start making salads using the two kinds of Boston lettuce I planted!

If I can keep it up, it won’t be long until we are eating even more vegetables from the garden!!!


Canada Day Project 2019 #2

Here is my other Canada Day project for this year. I decided I wanted to paint a sort of Canada Flag on a hand saw. I was going to go out and buy a new one for the project but Chris told me he had an old one that he couldn’t use… apparently he tried to cut something he shouldn’t have lol!


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