Business Logo Mug – Cricut

I was deciding on some new patterns I wanted to try to do for gifts and such the other day and it somehow popped into my head to try to do a mug with the logo and phone number of my mother-in-law’s Cat Hotel business. I thought it would be a fun project for me to practice removing the background on again and it would be great advertising for her!


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Fall Table Decorations – Cricut Project

I am still working on learning the ins and outs of my Cricut and having a hell of a time doing it lol! This time I decided to put some decorations on a table centre piece collection I got at my last auction!

Here is the set I bought. I don’t know if they were actually bought as a set but they do look very nice together!

I decided to go with a Fall theme for them based on the colour.

I found both designs on the Design Space program/app and cut them. This is the “Fall” design I chose.

I cut the file and then adhered it to the glass pieces and it was done. I think the Fall part could have been a bit more centered to the actual jar but I adhered it with the jar part laying down and I think tha’ts where my problem was!

And here is the centre piece for a nice fall dinner setting.


Bad Blogger Award lol – Cricut Practice Project

I think if there is such a thing, I should get it right now. I have been busy… and blah.. and haven’t had much ambition. But… I did manage to start a couple of Cricut projects. This project was more of a practice piece.

There is a picture that Chris’ uncle drew before he passed away and I’m practicing so I can make a decal of it for Chris. That means learning to remove the background of an image that isn’t already an SVG file.

Design Space is great for doing that sort of thing. It offers an Erase tool where you can adjust the size of the “Eraser,” and a Magic Wand tool that allows you to completely remove big sections of background.

I chose a fairly detailed image I found online to practice on and made Chris a mug.

I won’t lie, it took a while but didn’t turn out too bad considering, except that I ended up putting it on a bit crooked lol. It was a good practice piece.

This is the image I used…

And this is how the mug ended up looking like. Not terrible, right lol?

Oh…. and I got a cute little cart from Wayfair that Dillon assembled for me yesterday! Hopefully it will help me keep my craft room a little tidier than it has been 😳


Getting Ready for Craft Sale Season

I’m not sure why, but I always seem to bite off way more than I can chew…no matter what the situation lol! My craft supplies/blanks have been starting to arrive and when I look at it I think Holy Crapadoodle, am I going to be able to get all of that done… as well as Christmas?? That is why I am starting early. Not as early as I had planned but I am getting used to my brain injury taking over and messing up my plans!

I think I am only going to do 2 Craft sales this year…. the one my mother-in-law has every year with everything Cat themed, and another one somewhere local. This means not only making Christmas type items, but also cat related.

I picked up 12 white mugs last week to do a bunch of the Cat Themed Mugs I posted a few weeks back. I took the original 4 to my mother-in-law’s last time I was down there and she loved them and that they would sell well with that crowd. Hopefully 12 will be enough… although I could also take orders if need be… they are fairly quick to do.

I have also started to accumulate blank canvases from the dollar store so I can make a bunch of signs.

In one of my auctions, I won a box of wine glasses. I thought they would be great to either put the same designs on as the mugs or maybe some sarcastic cat sayings?

If you notice the brown glass items in that bin, I am thinking about cutting some sort of Thanksgiving/Fall design on them and just selling them locally. They are so beautiful that I think anyone would love them for their Fall decorating! Look at how nice they are! I think I paid about $4 for the set!

I got my tote bags the other day so I can embroider on them, some wooden sign blanks that I think would be cool to do custom as Monogram signs? Or even some Christmas sayings?

And some canvas wine bags. I thought I could do one for my brother-in-law who is a wine lover and put some sort of Rx: In case of emergency, pop cork on the bag and related sayings on some stemless wine glasses to make a wine lover basket.

And finally I picked up some round glass cutting boards. I want to cut mirror images to put on the bottom of them so the design isn’t on the cutting side of the board. Again, I can do some cat themed ones as well as day to day.

On top of all of that I have been accumulating tea towels, pillow cases, pot holders and the like to embroider on to add to my craft sale stock!

Wish me luck lol…. hopefully I can get it all done… and on time!


Cricut – Leather Bracelets

I would like to start by saying sorry for not posting yesterday, or Sunday for that matter. I have no excuse other than I have had a few blah days and I did absolutely nothing other than accept the delivery of our new recliners. Could be worry about my grandmother, who is back at home… which was wonderful news or because yesterday it was a year since we lost Kita, or who knows what else…. I am just blah!

I did however make these bracelets last week, or even the week before, I don’t recall. I saw a bunch of cut leather bracelets on Pinterest and though it would be cool to one, try one of the patterns I found, and two, to try to create my own in Design Space with a cat theme for the Christmas Craft Sale I am starting to prepare for.

My “designs” are fairly simple and I learned how to download them from Design Space, turn them into .png files and then .svg files which was pretty cool and enabled me to try to sell my patterns/designs on Etsy! At the end of this post I will provide the links to the designs if anyone is interested!

I need to stock up on my jewelery findings and such, which is why only one of the bracelets have chains and clasps but I you will still be able to see the actual leather part of the bracelets!

The first pattern is one I purchased from another Etsy seller and I very impressed with how well the Cricut actually cuts leather. It opens a whole new avenue of projects to try! I think Dillon wants to try it this weekend for one of the leather bound books he makes!

Here is the purchased pattern bracelet completed….

And these are the two I “designed” myself for the Craft Sale! Like I said, nothing really fancy but still cool! NOTE: If anyone does look at my patterns on Etsy, please let me know if you think I am charging too much for it… Please???

Cat Bracelet
Cat Bracelet

This is all of bracelets just after cutting.

And here are the links to my Etsy Store listings:

This listing is for the Black Bracelet:

And listing is for the Red Bracelet:


Another Quick Cricut Sign

I know, everyone is probably getting sick of my Cricut posts already… sorry 😳.

I had base painted this sign/plaque a while back with something else in mind. But… when I was browsing pinterest one day I came across a really cute Farm themed, free cut file and wanted to try it!

I’m having a lot of fun learning how to use my Cricut and hope you don’t mind me sharing this journey!!!

Here is the sign when I finished it…

And here it is where I ended up hanging it!


Family Sign – Recycled Dollar Store Picture

I found we were running out of wall space to display family pictures, so I decided to use the space around the door as a sort of Family Picture Gallery. I was only able to use mostly 5 x 7 pictures but it still worked out into a cute little gallery in a space that is not generally used for much.

At the top centre position you can see the dollar store sigh with the word “Love” on it. That is the picture I decided to redo rather than just buying another surface.

To start, I gave it a good cleaning, then I taped off the frame before I painted over the glass with black chalkboard paint.

In between coats, and while it was drying I picked another font from my Design Space program and just used the word “Family” to make a vinyl sticker to add to the sign.

Once I had enough coats of the chalkboard paint on the picture, I let it completely dry before applying the vinyl.

Here it is, back in the little Family Picture gallery!