Christmas Craft Sale- Cricut Gift Tags/Note Cards

Yes… another craft sale post… sorry lol 😳. Considering that’s all I’ve been doing lately since redecorating.

This is a quick project, something I’ve been “feeding” through my Cricut while I’ve been “weeding” the vinyl I’ve been cutting.

I love how well the Cricut cuts everything. From vinyl to cardstock to leather and everything else, the Cricut has opened a lot of new doors to my crafting.

These “cat themed” tags and note cards are both projects I found in Design Space and just resized to what I wanted. A quick and easy project. All I need to do is add some cording to the gift tags and envelopes to the note cards and they are ready to go!

Here they are!



Christmas Craft Sale – Cookies for Santa Plate

I love the “Cookies for Santa” plate idea. I couldn’t find out quite how I wanted it to look when it was done, AND have some sort of cat/paw print affiliation, so I had to make my own. I have to say that with Design Space, I find it easy to make what I want that I can’t find… and it gives me the option (when I have enough time) to change the format the pattern and sell it on Etsy or something similar!

For some reason, 2 of my plates are different sizes than the rest??? That meant I had to change the size of the pattern slightly for those 2 plates. Not a big deal because I purposely “welded” this pattern together to make resizing it for the plates easy!

It also gave me a chance to try some layering!!!

Here is the pattern I did for the plates.

I cut out all the pieces in the various colours and got them ready to be applied.

I applied all the vinyl pieces to the plate, layering the pieces for the little critter in the centre of the plate and then heat set them (using my blow dryer lol).

And then they were all ready to pack away for the craft sale in TWO weeks!!!


Christmas Craft Sale – Cat Themed Mugs

I am not sure quite how it happened but somehow we ended up coming home with 11 mugs instead of 12. I decided I am blaming Dillon because I told him he was supposed to be counting them while I passed them over lol. Regardless, I still managed to get the 11 mugs done and ready to go!

Today is hopefully going to be wine glasses and “Cookies for Santa” plates with a bit of Meowy Christmas.

As I stated in yesterday’s post on the Glass Cutting Boards, I did a lot of the actual cutting on Tuesday to make “assembling” the items quicker and easier.

I stuck the vinyl on the mugs after washing them….

Then I took my teeny tiny iron to “set the vinyl, hopefully making them dishwasher safe…. I hope.

And that’s it. They are all wrapped and put away ready for the craft sale in 3 weeks!


Cat Themed Cutting Boards

I have been so busy trying to get everything done for the coming craft sale season! 😥 That is why I’m late posting and why I’ve had to do some “flashback” posts!

This morning I finished 8 glass cutting boards, all cat themed.

They were easy to make once I decided on the designs.

I cut a bunch of stuff out yesterday. Enough for the cutting boards and 12 mugs. Let me tell you… that was a lot of “weeding!”

I turned my glass cutting boards upside down and applied the vinyl I had cut.

I made sure it was pressed down well before removing the backing paper.

And here is my first cutting board!

And here are pictures of all of them!

These were quick and easy to make and I’m sure any cat lover will be thrilled to see them!!!


Wall Collage

Between the dollar store and my Cricut I managed to get my “Wall Collage” done yesterday!

I had seen a bunch of examples of a wall collage on Pinterest and thought it would perfect for the empty wall that used to have the mirror we ended up putting in the bathroom.

I looked at quite a few examples before I decided what I wanted to do.

I chose to go with a family theme for most of the items.

I made 3 signs using my Cricut.

Once I had assembled what I was going to put on the wall I laid it out on the trundle so I could find how I wanted to place everything and to measure it.

I measured and marked and started to hang everything.

I was very happy with the results. This wall is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and I think it makes a pretty good impression!

I even put a little battery light in the middle because I thought it would be nice to have a little light in that corner.

Here is my wall… with little light on and off! (You can also see the cute cow a friend made for me years ago!)


Quick Cricut Project – Potato/Onion Bin Label

I figured that since I’ve redone just about everything else, I might as well do the same to my potato/onion bin.

I painted it with a light gray chalk paint to start.

While it was drying I went into the Cricut Design Space and chose the font I wanted. I was even able to find some potato and onion clipart type images and a few “swirls” I thought would finish it off.

When the paint was fully dried I attached the vinyl design I had cut.

Now I have a revamped Potato/Onion Bin!