Fabric Baskets from Dollar Store Placemats

Big title for a cool idea lol! And Happy Wednesday!

I can’t remember if I saw this idea on Pinterest or Facebook but it was something I had locked away in my brain for another day…. and it has taken me this long for it to fall out of the “vault” again lol! It was such a cool idea that I really wanted to try it.

Last time Dillon and I were at the Dollar Store I was looking for something else in the aisle that had the placemats and when I saw them I remembered the idea and grabbed a few. With a few simple straight seams I had a couple of really cute fabric storage baskets! I haven’t decided what I am actually going to use them for but I am happy with them!

These are great for storing whatever you want…. in the bathroom, bedroom, baby’s room… wherever you want!


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Gardening – Hula Hoop Mini Arbor/Trellis

I spent pretty much all of Sunday outside “playing” in the gardens. It was such a beautiful day I just wanted to be outside. When Dillon and I went to town on Friday I picked up some more flowers for various pots, gardens and such and wanted to get them all planted.

The Hula Hoop Mini Arbor/Trellis was all made with items from the Dollar Store too which was awesome!

Today I can barely move lol… carrying all the bags of mulch and soil and such, pushing the wheel barrow around all day, I am feeling every muscle I have. Guess it’s part of getting older. The only thing I asked Dillon to do was to hook up my new hose because the faucet is under the back deck and I do not do spiders lol…. Yuck!

Now for the hula hoop arbor/trellis. I can’t remember if I saw this idea on Pinterest or Facebook but I thought it was a great idea. While I really wanted to get the pink glittery hula hoops for my projects, Dillon talked me out of it lol. He probably just didn’t want to carry them!

All I had to do was to cut the hula hoops, making two big open circles.

I made 4 stakes out of some bamboo I had laying around from another project and stuck them in the ground where I wanted each side of the hula hoops to end up.

I crisscrossed the hula hoops, putting the ends over the bamboo stakes, feeding them all the way to the soil and then just reinforced where the hula hoops met in the middle with some thin gauge wire.

Now I have a cool arch in my little vegetable garden that I will tie my cucumber plants to as they (hopefully grow)!

And just a few other pictures of some of the yard/flowers!


Recycled Formula Container & Homemade Reusable Dryer Sheets

Yes, this post is twofold. I remembered seeing how to make your own reusable dryer sheets ages ago and kept forgetting to pick up the cloths to make them. When I finally remembered I started to think about what I wanted to store them in. I remembered all of the formula containers Kim gave me to recycle into whatever I wanted. One of the smaller formula containers seemed like it would be perfect for this!

I know I could have left the container as it was but I decided to “pretty it up” a bit before making the actual dryer sheets.

I picked up some flowered napkins from the dollar store, gathered up my modge podge and I was ready to go!

I cut the napkins into squares… they don’t have to be even… and started to podge the container.

Once it was dry I started on the dryer sheets.

To make the dryer sheets, you start by cutting your cloths into squares. I had originally quartered the sheets but they were still too big for my container so I cut them all in half again. It just means I will use two sheets per load.

I placed them in the container, leaving a space in the centre, and then poured in about 1/2 cup fabric softener and 1 cup of water.

I closed the lid, shook the container so all the sheets had the mixture on them and then stuck a label on the front. Now I have some reusable dryer sheets and won’t have to keep buying the disposable ones! Recycling and cutting down on waste… a win win situation!

Dollar Store Craft – Garden Gazing Ball

I thought this would be a fun project to try and to add a little bit of sparkle to one of my gardens! It is a quick and easy project that you can change up by using different coloured glass beads from the dollar store!

NOTE: I decided while I was making it that I’m going to take apart a solar garden light to go under the ball to make it pop even more!

I took the picture with just a battery operated votive candle to show it lit up.

All you need to make this project is a few bags of the glass beads from the dollar store, the kind that is flat on one side, a glass “fish bowl” also from the dollar store, your glue gun and then some type of sealer.

To make the gazing ball, I turned the fish bowl upside down and started to glue the glass beads to the exterior, making sure to cover all of it, leaving only tiny spaces.

I filled in all the spaces but the glass beads with glue from my glue gun as a sort of “grout” to hold it all together and then gave the whole thing a coat or two of sealer.

See I told you it was easy…. now you have a sparkly gazing ball for the garden that looks beautiful, even when the sun hits it during the day!


A Little Bit of Beading….

I don’t do a lot of bead work as a general rule… especially right now having a head injury that has cause visual issues… but I thought I would play around with some beads I picked up at the dollar store this past week to surprise my mother-in-law with a couple of cute gifts at Mother’s Day.

We also bought her a box of the embroidery thread (and stabilizer) lol… when she heard all about the new sewing machine I bought for myself she wanted in on the fun too. While she hasn’t actually done any embroidery on her machine yet, we wanted her to have the thread on the ready so when she decides it’s time to try it she’s all set!

The bracelet I made was done with a small box of coordinated colours of beads I picked up from the big dollar store… same goes for the tassels I added to both projects.

I used regular beading wire and some silver coloured chain I had in my stash to make the bracelet. Other than attaching the clasp which gave me a hassle, the bracelet was just a matter of organizing the beads on a tray to determine the design I wanted to use and then actually threading everything on to the wire and tucking the ends in!

Here is the finished bracelet… with a little bit of creative license with the pictures lol… I got a new phone and it had a few cool effects!

And here is a little dragonfly key chain. I probably should have taken pictures, of both, as I was going but with it not fully cooperating with me during the process I totally forgot.

I just folded the jewelry wire in half, cut to a length I thought would work and started threading beads onto it to form my dragonfly.

I finished it off by adding a key chain ring, tassel and a little bit of ribbon hanging from the ring as well. Kind of cute, and sort of worth any hassles it might have given me lol!


Day # 6 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

Because the 2 things I am posting about were also Easter gifts I thought I would post them together and right after my other Easter embroidery project.

I have become almost as addicted to looking at new machine embroidery patterns as I have become at sewing the patterns. The two I did this time… again for my granddaughter… were so cute I had to incorporate them into her Easter/Birthday gifts.

Let me start by saying that my granddaughter LOVES books… almost any book! I have loved reading since I was little, and desperate enough at times for something to read that I would read the encyclopedias lol, hopefully with us all supplying her with reading material she won’t get that desperate lol! One of her favourite books, series of books, are the Llama Llama books so when I saw a pattern for a really cute llama head I had to do it! I put the llama pattern on another onesie and I also found a pattern for a “My First Easter” bib that I also did!


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Day #5 – Playing with my Sewing Machine – Embroidered Name on Dollar Store Easter Bunny

Big title, huh lol? I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since my Day #4 post about my sewing machine! Between my granddaughter’s birthday and Easter I haven’t had a lot of time to just go to the Craft Room and play, or if I have been down there it’s just to complete a project and then haven’t had time to sit down and actually type the post!

Today I start on my laundry room!!! A big job that is going to not only require my organization skills, but painting, a bit of drywall, painting a concrete floor as a few examples. I know it won’t be done overnight but I am looking forward to getting it done finally….. but for today….

Here is an Easter Bunny I bought from the dollar store to try to embroider my granddaughter’s name on. I did have some tension issues… something I have been struggling a bit with (you can see where I had tension issues on the letter “S,” and other spots)… some things come out perfectly and others require various tension changes throughout the patterns. I did anticipate this would be a learning experience and it has been… and a fun one!


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