Grinch Mugs – Cricut Project

I only have one this to say about these mugs…. Holy Crapadoodle!!!!!

I bought 4 mugs thinking I might try to sell them on the local buy and sell site and that if they didn’t sell, they would make cute stocking stuffers. Well, they did sell…. and now I literally have people clambering for them lol!

All last night, and when I woke up this morning, I kept receiving messages about the mugs. After they first sold and I continued receiving messages about them, I changed my add to SOLD, but that I would try to get more mugs and make more and that if anyone wanted to be added to a list for mugs I would take their names and number of mugs. That list has gone crazy!!!! Not only does my listing for the mugs have 726 views, I have people on my “waiting” list (last total) wanting another 54 mugs!!!! While a little bit exciting, it is also a little bit daunting! Fingers crossed I can get more mugs lol!

To make the mugs…. I found some awesome green, sort of sparkly, mugs at the “Big” dollar store when we went to town on Friday. They just screamed Grinch to me so I bought 4 of them…. boy do I wish I had the foresight to buy all of them lol!

I found a free Grinch Face pattern and downloaded it to use with my Cricut.

This is what the pattern looked like in Design Space.

I cut out the vinyl.

Added the yellow for the eyes.

And then adhered it to the mugs… and then all the craziness started to happen lol!!!!


Minnie Mouse Christmas Countdown Sign – Cricut Project

Kim loves almost anything Disney lol. Originally it was Tinkerbell but it sort of expanded from that. Now that she has a little one of her own I think it is going to blossom even more!

When I started to think about making them a Countdown to Christmas sign, a Disney character popped into my head. Knowing how much she likes Minnie, and considering that was the theme for my granddaughter’s first birthday, it seemed the perfect theme!

I was able to purchase and download a “Disney” font package from which helped tremendously and there are a ton of Free Minnie Mouse “heads” you can download on Pinterest.

Armed with all of that, and some of the fonts in Design Space, I put together the pattern for this Christmas Countdown sign for them!

Here is the pattern as shown in Design Space….

I bought a wooden canvas from the dollar store and base painted it a light blue colour. Don’t ask me why… for whatever reason, blue seemed the right colour for a Disney themed project lol… even though it is a Christmas sign… weird, huh?

Once the paint dried, I also gave it a quick, watered down a bit, coat of glitter glue…. just because it is a Christmas sign lol.

While the glue was drying I did the cutting and weeding of the vinyl.

I laid out my design on the now glittery blue wooden canvas to firm up the layout.

To apply the vinyl and make sure it stayed where I placed it, I held the piece down while folding back almost half of the backing paper. I stuck it to the surface and then removed the rest of the backing paper and the vinyl stayed where I wanted it to be! I did the same with all of the pieces, except for the stars because their placement didn’t have to be as exact.

Here is the finished Minnie Mouse Christmas Countdown Sign for Kim and Family!


“Pothead” Joke Mug – Cricut Project

I have seen many versions of this mug and couldn’t help myself lol! I know a few people who qualify under both versions of the meaning of this mug and thought it would make a perfect joke gift for them!

Once I created the pattern, it was very quick to cut and weed and add to a dollar store mug!

Here is the pattern I designed for them. Very simple. I found a coffee maker image and then just added the “Pothead” text to it.

I cut and weeded the vinyl and then applied it to the mug before heat setting it.

Here is the completed mug! A cute, dual meaning mug which makes a cute Christmas gift!


Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder

Yes…. Christmas. I am pretty sure I alluded to the fact this was the week I was starting on Christmas lol!

This project was so quick and so easy and turned out really well! So well in fact that when I showed it to Chris, he asked me where I got it. Considering I am still not allowed to drive compliments of my head… he would have been curious how I bought it or assumed it came from good old Amazon lol!

Other that drying/wait time, this project took all of about 10 minutes and is easy enough that kids could do it as well for grandparent’s gifts or teacher’s gifts or whatever.

Your options are only as endless as the napkin patterns you can find lol!


keep reading!!!

Christmas Craft Sale – Paw Print/Heart Ornaments

I’m done! I’m done! I’m done! Everything is ready for the craft sale… and even with a day to spare! Woo hoo! 😴

As cute as these turned out, they have been a major pain in my ass lol. If it wasn’t me “guesstimating” the size of the balls wrong, it was miscounting them!!! For something that should have been so simple to make they have been like a very cute thorn in my side…. but they too are now done!!!

I didn’t even have to make a pattern for these. There was exactly what I had in mind in Design Space for the ornaments. I have always loved the heart/paw print design and that is what I wanted for my ornaments. Throw in some paw print ribbon (that I found on Amazon) and here are some cute Christmas Tree Ornaments sporting a cat/pet theme!

I did the same thing I do with most patterns….. resize it to what I need (in this case multiple times), cut the number of pieces I need (again multiple times) and then apply the vinyl to the project and heat set it!

I hot glued some bows on them. ( I had originally planned on putting paw print ribbon but it didn’t make it in time so had to improvise)

That’s it… and then I have embellished ornaments!

Oh… and I also had a bunch of regular wine glasses that came with an auction win, so I used the same pattern to put vinyl on them!!!


Quick Cricut Project – “Uncle Pickle” Mug

And not even a Christmas Craft Sale post lol!!!

The story behind the mug….

When Kim found out she was pregnant, I decided that based on Dillon’s name, he would/should be “Uncle Pickle” to his niece. It just seemed fitting considering some of the unplanned names the kids had for other relatives that were really cute.

So far Uncle Pickle has stuck and really seems to suit him!

I made a cutting pattern for a mug in Design Space…

Then just had to weed the vinyl and add/layer it onto the mug before “presenting” it to Dillon lol!

Here it is… in all its glory lol!


Christmas Craft Sale – “Kitty Kandy”

I know… everyone must be getting pretty sick of seeing both stuff being made for the craft sale… that is in 2 weeks !!!! and of seeing cat related/themed items. I only have one more week to get everything done, so you at least have that to look forward to lol…. only problem is that after the craft sale I start on Christmas gifts/decor lol! Sorry….

This project is thankfully another quick one. I picked up some cute lidded jars from the dollar store when I was there last… man, do I love the dollar store lol! These are going to be treat jars for cats.

I created a pattern of text (“Kitty Kandy”) and a few different colours of paw prints to sit in behind the text to add to the jars.

I cut and weeded the pattern and got it ready to apply to the jars.

I applied the vinyl to the jars, heat set it and then wrapped some decorative cord around the tops of them and now they too are ready for the craft sale!!!

I am getting really close to being at least past the half way point of getting everything ready! Hopefully this coming year is the year I actually do get started very, very early in the year so I am not running around like a crazy (or crazier if you know me well lol) person trying to get everything ready in time!