Garden/Trellis Update

With the humidity we have been having and actually remembering to water my garden lol…. everything has taken right off! I swear my tomato plants are now growing a foot a week the last two weeks and even have flowers on them. You can see how everything has just gone a bit crazy!

The cucumbers are starting to “vine” for lack of a better word so I thought it was time to start tying them to the Hula Hoop Trellis I made a while back. While they are only about a foot long at this point I still wanted to start training them to climb the trellis!

We have even been able to start making salads using the two kinds of Boston lettuce I planted!

If I can keep it up, it won’t be long until we are eating even more vegetables from the garden!!!



Butterfly Waterer/Garden Update

My little vegetable garden is still alive… and even thriving! I can’t take much of the credit though, we’ve had a lot of rain the past few weeks. Still… it’s going well!

While I am still waiting to see if the Pop Bottle Mosquito Trap is working, I made a butterfly waterer with things I already had laying around the house! I hope they use it!

I had a couple of plant saucers, about 1 inches across, big glass beads, some river rocks, a sponge and some artificial flower leaves.

I figured that since it was going to have water in it I would use Gorilla glue to attach the leaves and sponge.

I took a black sharpie and marked where I thought the sponge should go and started to glue the leaves to the inside, placed on the edge of where I marked for the sponge.

I glued the sponge in place then scattered the river rocks and glass beads around it in the saucer.

I made some butterfly nectar, using a 10 – 1 ratio of water to sugar and then poured it into the saucer.

And now I have a couple of nice Butterfly Waterers around the yard that hopefully the butterflies will enjoy!



Help lol!!!! I don’t know why, but this is the worst year for mosquitoes that I can recall! They are literally swarms… and they lay in wait outside all of the doors just waiting for a victim!

I swear we have tried every possible “remedy” we can find and nothing seems to have any impact whatsoever!

So…. I am looking for suggestions. Does anyone have a magic mosquito repellent remedy we can try?

I’ve tried planters with citronella and mint plants, lavender oil, garlic, Epsom salt/mouthwash, clove oil…. the only thing that’s working even a little is burning sage incense and that is only succeeding in keeping them off the screens. Once you get past the doors you are still under attack!

Considering the fact they tend to fly by everyone else to bite me, I am especially interested in any possible relief….


Gardening – Hula Hoop Mini Arbor/Trellis

I spent pretty much all of Sunday outside “playing” in the gardens. It was such a beautiful day I just wanted to be outside. When Dillon and I went to town on Friday I picked up some more flowers for various pots, gardens and such and wanted to get them all planted.

The Hula Hoop Mini Arbor/Trellis was all made with items from the Dollar Store too which was awesome!

Today I can barely move lol… carrying all the bags of mulch and soil and such, pushing the wheel barrow around all day, I am feeling every muscle I have. Guess it’s part of getting older. The only thing I asked Dillon to do was to hook up my new hose because the faucet is under the back deck and I do not do spiders lol…. Yuck!

Now for the hula hoop arbor/trellis. I can’t remember if I saw this idea on Pinterest or Facebook but I thought it was a great idea. While I really wanted to get the pink glittery hula hoops for my projects, Dillon talked me out of it lol. He probably just didn’t want to carry them!

All I had to do was to cut the hula hoops, making two big open circles.

I made 4 stakes out of some bamboo I had laying around from another project and stuck them in the ground where I wanted each side of the hula hoops to end up.

I crisscrossed the hula hoops, putting the ends over the bamboo stakes, feeding them all the way to the soil and then just reinforced where the hula hoops met in the middle with some thin gauge wire.

Now I have a cool arch in my little vegetable garden that I will tie my cucumber plants to as they (hopefully grow)!

And just a few other pictures of some of the yard/flowers!


I Have a New Vegetable Garden!!!!

As you may have guessed, I have a new vegetable garden…. albeit not a big one but I have one nonetheless lol! (It’s still a little bit messy because of digging and the soil that got on the grass around it but I still wanted to share the picture)

AND my lilacs are starting to bloom! They are my absolute favourite! What an awesome smell!

Yesterday Dillon helped me dig out a new garden for the vegetables I want to grow. Last year we tried to grow in some sort of felt raised garden bags. While it wasn’t too bad, they caused problems in the winter, holding snow up against the wall of the garage/shop and when it started to melt… guess where it went? Yep… in the garage.

This year I decided I wanted an actual garden instead of trying to find different ways to do raised gardens. Chris and I went out into the yard and decided where we wanted to put it and I called in the big guns… aka Dillon and his youthful strength lol… and we dug up the grass where the garden was going to be.

Here are a couple of pictures of the process. It took quite a few wheel barrow trips to get rid of the grass we dug up lol!

Once Dillon did the heavy work I mixed in some better soil and triple mix and was able to start planting!!!

This year we are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, red onions and two kinds of lettuce! Hopefully I can keep them alive and thriving this summer so we can enjoy them. I think it will be so awesome to grow something my granddaughter can eat!!!


Dollar Store Craft – Garden Gazing Ball

I thought this would be a fun project to try and to add a little bit of sparkle to one of my gardens! It is a quick and easy project that you can change up by using different coloured glass beads from the dollar store!

NOTE: I decided while I was making it that I’m going to take apart a solar garden light to go under the ball to make it pop even more!

I took the picture with just a battery operated votive candle to show it lit up.

All you need to make this project is a few bags of the glass beads from the dollar store, the kind that is flat on one side, a glass “fish bowl” also from the dollar store, your glue gun and then some type of sealer.

To make the gazing ball, I turned the fish bowl upside down and started to glue the glass beads to the exterior, making sure to cover all of it, leaving only tiny spaces.

I filled in all the spaces but the glass beads with glue from my glue gun as a sort of “grout” to hold it all together and then gave the whole thing a coat or two of sealer.

See I told you it was easy…. now you have a sparkly gazing ball for the garden that looks beautiful, even when the sun hits it during the day!


A Day of Yard Work

Phew! Yesterday was a busy day working in the yard.

I started off just planning to put up all of my hummingbird feeders (all 10 of them lol), but it evolved into me getting all of my garden ornaments out and then having a burn. I needed to burn all the branches I gathered from around the yard the other day. And there was a lot!

All the feeders are up and we’ve had a lot of hummingbirds checking them out. Different species too. There’s a beautiful black one with red and yellow on it’s neck, another is a deep emerald green! I love hummingbirds! These are just the ones in the back.

And Chris did a great job cutting the lawn. Better him than me lol… it takes almost 2 hours to do front and back!

And we picked a spot to dig up the grass to make a bigger vegetable garden! I’m very excited! My granddaughter is old enough now that she will be able to eat the veggies I grow!