A Christmas Story Ornaments – Another Cricut Gift

I have to admit that until Chris and I started dating 16 + years ago, I hadn’t even heard of the movie “A Christmas Story.” It is a big thing in his family. We now watch it every Christmas Day as a tradition in our own little family as his family has always done. This being said, I try every year to make or find some sort of little gift with that movie as a theme to give.

One year it was a “Leg Lamp” night light, one year I went full on “Pink Bunny Suit” for my father-in-law lol… this year I am playing nice and I made him a set of ornaments with some of the more memorable sayings/memories from the movie.

If you have seen, or are another avid fan of the movie, you will understand the meaning behind all of the ornaments, if not maybe you can just appreciate the thought behind the gift lol!

Here are the ornaments based around the movie! I found “clipart” images doing an internet search, cleaned them up in Design space, resized them and then cut them using my Cricut.

I painted the inside of clear ornaments and then adhered the vinyl to them. Now all they need are another trip to the dollar store for some ribbon and a nice box!


Personalized Guitar Strap – Cricut Project

While I have been doing the literally dozens and dozens and dozens…… of Cricut Christmas projects I have been working on, different types of projects keep popping up into my head. I keep wondering what else I can put the Heat Transfer Vinyl on lol! This is one of those projects.

My son-in-law plays guitar. I thought it would be really cool if I could make him a personalized guitar strap using images cut out using my Cricut.

I picked a font for his name and then different images I was able to find right in Design Space and “designed” him a guitar strap.

I didn’t do a screenshot of the grid layout in Design Space because it honestly just looked like a jumble of images lol.

This is how I laid it out on the guitar strap ( that I purchased at Amazon for around $12) before I actually tried to start to iron on the vinyl)

And here is the strap after ironing everything on. I have to say that what the Cricut and the Heat Transfer Vinyl can be adhered to is impressing me more and more each time I try something different. It is opening up more and more options for project and gift giving options!


RX: Sarcastic Wine Bags – Cricut HTV Project

I saw wine bags similar to these… well, guess where lol…. and really wanted to make some to add to a sort of gift set for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I figured they would be easy enough to “design” myself using Design Space and free images I could find online.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all to create the pattern, so I made a few of them because I think they make a cute way to gift a bottle of wine to anyone with a sense of humour!

Here is how the pattern came out in Design Space… again, backwards so that it reads properly once ironed on.

I adhered the line box on the bag first and then adhered everything else around it, trying to centre everything off of the box.

These are the bags when they are done….now all I have to do is to make some wine glasses for my brother-in-law. I think I am going to do some sort of vinyl design saying “For Medicinal Use only”lol!


"I'm Kind of a Big Dill" T-shirt

“Dill”on showed me a T-shirt like this somewhere and I took it as a not so subtle hint that he wanted on lol. I figured I could make one no problem using my Cricut and Design space. I already knew they had a pickle image after making him his “Uncle Pickle” mug, so it was just a matter of sizing the image and adding different text… .easy enough!

I spent most of yesterday doing the ironing part of all the iron on/heat transfer patterns I cut out on the weekend and this was one of them. I hate ironing so spending hour upon hour ironing was not my idea of a good time… but it was for family Christmas gifts so I guess I will get over it lol!

This is the screenshot of what my pattern looked like in Design Space…. after I switched it to a “Mirror Image” to make sure it was facing the correct way once I ironed it on…. I almost forgot about that part. I didn’t worry about the placement of the eyes, eyebrows or mouth because they all go on separately after anyway.

And this is Dillon’s finished T-shirt, all ready to be wrapped up and gifted Christmas day!


Embroidered/Sewed Reading Pillow

These little reading pillows seem to be everywhere. With my granddaughter’s love of books, making her one of these for Christmas seemed like a perfect gift…. and gave me the chance to play on my sewing machine for a bit. After seeing how nice the “Once upon a Time” turned out I am thinking I should make her a little onesie to go with the pillow! (Sorry for the dark pictures…. I didn’t realize how dark they actually were until I just attached them to my post. I will have to retake and update later.)

I pretend to take credit for her love of reading lol…. that is my one (at least the one I readily admit to) addiction and the hardest thing I’ve had to let go of since my accident. For as far back as I can remember, I have never been without a book in hand, or Kindle now that they have almost replaced books…. although sometimes there is nothing better than the feel and smell of a book in your hands!


keep reading!

A Tip about A Tip – Cricut

Before I start my post…. I had to share some exciting news… at least in my little world! My granddaughter said Grandma for the first time when she was up this weekend!!!! It was such a special milestone for me lol!

As most of you may remember, I had a whole “herd” of Grinch mug orders to fill after listing them for sale on a local buy and sell site. For whatever reason, EVERYONE and their uncles wanted a Grinch mug lol.

I ended up making more than 50 of them to fulfill orders!

When it came time to heat set the mugs I thought I would try something I saw on another blog, to remain unnamed, where I could heat set the mugs in bulk. On this blog, it stated you could heat set the mugs in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I thought perfect… I could do the mugs in a few batches rather than having to do them individually, especially considering the sheer number of them.

Big mistake!!! The vinyl shrunk!!! The worst I was expecting was a little bit of odour. What I ended up with was having to redo the mugs!!! And a little bit of odour! The vinyl shrunk and shriveled up onto itself making it lumpy and awful looking. I had to pick it all off of the mugs and start over.


While doing the vinyl on the Cricut is easy and applying it even easier…. having to do it twice was a pain in the butt. I am glad however that I now know what not to do when it comes to heat setting the mugs and really wanted to share with everyone in case they come across this advice or something similar and end up in the same boat as me!


Christmas Unicorn Onesie

Kim and my granddaughter are coming up today for a visit. I kept seeing all the cute Christmas unicorn cut files on Pinterest and thought I would like to try one for Scarlyt. I knew I had a onesie in her size and plenty of the heat transfer vinyl so I headed to Design Space and found exactly what I wanted!

All I had to do was resize it to fit the onesie!

I got the vinyl cut and got set up on the kitchen counter with a towel under the onesie and my little iron heating up.

I centered the design using the unicorn horn. Lining it up before ironing it to the onesie.

I started adding the rest of the pieces, centering and ironing it as I went.

I was doing great until I hit a Duh moment lol. I had cut black eyes for a black onesie so I had to run back down to the craft room and cut them again, but in white 🙄

Once the eyes were ironed on, my little onesie was all done and ready for gifting Saturday!