Christmas Craft Sale/WIP/Cheater Floating Method for Machine Embroidery

I’m starting to think we should have named our blog Oops she did it again because yesterday I fell asleep again doing my post… I mean like full on asleep with my laptop on my lap. I’m surprised it didn’t try to take my snoring and use it in my speech to text program lol. Either way, I apologize for not having a post yesterday! Now for the actual post…..

Yes, a very long title, and yes, sorry another Craft Sale Post lol! Because that is pretty much all I am working on right now… other than trying to stay awake, that will be the topic of my posts for at least another week after this one. Then it will turn into a lot of Christmas gifts and decor!

Saturday (after grocery shopping) and Sunday I spent at my sewing machine, working on tea towels and potholders for the craft sale.

This is everything I got done over the weekend…. embroidery wise….

Out of all of them, I have to say that this set is my favourite so far….

I know I have posted at least one potholder project and probably a few tea towels. I am sharing them again this time because due to my laziness/lack of time I found a sort of cheater way to “float” the potholders while embroidering them that doesn’t require me to do a basting stitch on each one first.

What I did instead of running a basting stitch on each potholder…. I just pinned them, top and bottom to the stabilizer, fastened the stabilizer to the hoop and embroidered it like that. The first time was an experiment to see if it would work… and it did!!!! That in itself saved/will save me a lot of time both doing the basting stitch and having to remove it after stitching!

Potholders pinned to Stabilizer, ready for stitching!

Today I am off to the doctors and then back to my sewing machine and Cricut, trying to get everything for the craft sale done by next weekend!!!



Christmas Craft Sale- Cricut Gift Tags/Note Cards

Yes… another craft sale post… sorry lol 😳. Considering that’s all I’ve been doing lately since redecorating.

This is a quick project, something I’ve been “feeding” through my Cricut while I’ve been “weeding” the vinyl I’ve been cutting.

I love how well the Cricut cuts everything. From vinyl to cardstock to leather and everything else, the Cricut has opened a lot of new doors to my crafting.

These “cat themed” tags and note cards are both projects I found in Design Space and just resized to what I wanted. A quick and easy project. All I need to do is add some cording to the gift tags and envelopes to the note cards and they are ready to go!

Here they are!


Cat Themed Cutting Boards

I have been so busy trying to get everything done for the coming craft sale season! 😥 That is why I’m late posting and why I’ve had to do some “flashback” posts!

This morning I finished 8 glass cutting boards, all cat themed.

They were easy to make once I decided on the designs.

I cut a bunch of stuff out yesterday. Enough for the cutting boards and 12 mugs. Let me tell you… that was a lot of “weeding!”

I turned my glass cutting boards upside down and applied the vinyl I had cut.

I made sure it was pressed down well before removing the backing paper.

And here is my first cutting board!

And here are pictures of all of them!

These were quick and easy to make and I’m sure any cat lover will be thrilled to see them!!!


Paint Pouring

The other day I finally tried that really cool paint pouring technique. Yes… it can be messy, but I made sure to have everything covered where I was pouring.

Maybe it was because I was only doing a small project but it wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be… and it was kind of fun!

This is what I started with.

I used my paper towel holder as a stand to hold the vase (that i gave a good cleaning to get rid of any dust from the store shelf)in place while pouring. I of course made sure it was well covered.

I poured the different colours I wanted to use into a disposable cup, one at a time. No mixing required.

And then I started to pour!!! I got Dillon to record the actual pour… sorry for the quality of video lol.

Then I just had to wait for it to dry.

While it was drying I cut some medallions similar to the back door rug I got to put on a little crate I painted to keep the stuff I like to keep beside my chair.

The rug

The vase took a little time to dry, but I think it was well worth it. The vase turned out pretty cool.

I gave it a coat of varethane, just to try to avoid the paint peeling off… and then my vase was done!

I love the look of the pouring pattern!

All and all it was a fun project to try and I know I’m going to try it again!


Quick Reusable Water Cup Project – Cricut

They say if the show fits, wear it… well, with a Traumatic Brain Injury, Eye Injury and Menopause… this show definitely fits some days lol! Just ask Chris and Dillon!

On a lighter note, I saw a few versions of this on Pinterest and really wanted to put one on one of my reusable water cups!

This project took less that 10 minutes including cut time, so very quick. I did it at the same time I was doing the logo mug for my mother-in-law!


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Business Logo Mug – Cricut

I was deciding on some new patterns I wanted to try to do for gifts and such the other day and it somehow popped into my head to try to do a mug with the logo and phone number of my mother-in-law’s Cat Hotel business. I thought it would be a fun project for me to practice removing the background on again and it would be great advertising for her!


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Fall Table Decorations – Cricut Project

I am still working on learning the ins and outs of my Cricut and having a hell of a time doing it lol! This time I decided to put some decorations on a table centre piece collection I got at my last auction!

Here is the set I bought. I don’t know if they were actually bought as a set but they do look very nice together!

I decided to go with a Fall theme for them based on the colour.

I found both designs on the Design Space program/app and cut them. This is the “Fall” design I chose.

I cut the file and then adhered it to the glass pieces and it was done. I think the Fall part could have been a bit more centered to the actual jar but I adhered it with the jar part laying down and I think tha’ts where my problem was!

And here is the centre piece for a nice fall dinner setting.