Keto/Diabetic Tuna Melt Puffs

I have been looking for different options to diabetic meals. I apparently hadn’t been doing a good enough job of watching my sugar/carb intake between blood tests so I have to go full on diabetic diet.

The thing I really miss is bread!!! An easy meal for myself ( because I don’t eat any kind of meat due to allergies) would be a PB sandwich on some kind of grain bread. Quick and mostly healthy lol!

I love tuna and tuna melts so this seemed like a great recipe/meal to try. I saw it in a magazine in the doctors office and took a picture of the recipe so I could try it!

It only took a few minutes to prepare and it really did taste great. The recipe called for 3/4 tsp. salt but I omitted that because I really didn’t think it needed it and I am glad I did! It tasted just fine without it!


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Gluten Free Banana Bread

Has anyone else been having issues getting into Editor to write your posts?  Yesterday I couldn’t get into it at all… today I can only get in to write/edit posts through Chrome for some reason…. and I never use Chrome.

It meant I had to go “post-less” yesterday!!!

Below is what I was supposed to post yesterday!

Here is another gluten free recipe I tried. I have to say that this banana bread smells even better baking than my regular recipe does for some reason lol? This time I added raisins to the banana bread but you can skip that or add nuts or chocolate chips or whatever else you like in your banana bread.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by the recipient and something I will keep making but it might be a good idea to slice it and freeze it in individual slices. A whole loaf of banana bread would be difficult for one person to eat on their own!

Somehow I completely forgot to take pictures of the banana bread after it came out of the oven.. too many things on the go I think but it is delicious regardless of pictures.


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Gluten Free Garlic Flat Bread/Breadsticks

A family member has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, something that seems to have gone mainstream since we first learned of the diagnosis.  While there is now a ton of gluten free food items on the market, I have been told they are for the most part inedible!

I thought I would take it upon myself to try my hand at some Gluten Free baking to hopefully make something not only edible, but enjoyable!

I will be posting recipes here and there that I have done, using gluten free ingredients and I would have to guess… learning a whole lot about what can and can’t be eaten!

I thought I would start with this recipe, not only because of the simplicity but also because…. how can you go wrong with anything garlic lol!  I decided after I had taken my ingredient’s picture that I wanted to add some grated parmesan cheese to the tops of the flat bread/breadsticks for just a little bit more flavour…. after typing it into a search engine to ensure it too was gluten free.

NOTE:  I think these would also be great with a little bit of tomato sauce and more mozzarella cheese to make a sort of pizza!


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