Knotted Fleece Stroller Blanket 

Sorry there haven’t been many posts the past few days. I have been sick/am sick with a nasty flu bug and haven’t done much of anything. 

I thought today I would make something very simple.

If you’ve never tried a knotted fleece blanket before, they are quick and easy to make and make great gifts.  You can make them any size or shape, you could even make a round one if you wanted!

I remember making a bunch of these as gifts years ago when I was still working at a fabric store!

I made mine stroller size. It ended up being 24 x 38 inches. 

All I needed was a fleece blanket which I bought at the dollar store for only  $3.00 and some scissors! Looking at the width of some of the cuts, I probably also should have used my tape measure!

I began by cutting off the finished edges all around the blanket.  I folded it in half to make two pieces, a top and a bottom, and rounded the corners. 

I placed the two pieces together, wrong sides together, right sides facing out.

Then I started to cut the slits… all the way around the blanket.  I cut them about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. 

Once they were all cut I started knotting them, attaching the top layer to the bottom. 

And I continued knotting all the way around until all the slits were tied.

And I ended up with a cute, warm Knotted Fleece Stroller Blanket! Another project to the “baby collection” I’ve started for impending grandparenthood lol!



Pom Pompom Pumpkins 

I decided to do one more Halloween/Pumpkin craft this week. Pom Pompom Pumpkins. 

This is another very easy, kid friendly craft. All that’s required is some Orange wool, a piece of cardboard, green pipe cleaner and scissors. 

I made a quick pompom maker from the cardboard. 

I wrapped the wool around and around until it looked fat enough. 

I wrapped another piece of wool around the wrapped wool, in the slot in the cardboard, added a piece of pipe cleaner and tied it tight.

Next I removed it from the cardboard and cut through the loops on each side.

I gave it a good shake and started to trim them.

Curled the ends of the pipe cleaner and tied a knot in the long piece of wool for hanging, and that’s it! Pompom Pompom Pumpkins!


Wine Cork Pumpkin

I dragged Dillon to the BIG dollar store on Friday and I picked up a few packages of wine corks with this project in mind.  In hindsight, I should have bought the wine corks that were cylinderical in shape, not the ones with a wider end.  Either way, I made the corks into pumpkins.



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Stained Glass Candle Holder…. well, sort of

In between batches of cookies and making dinner yesterday I decided to try to turn an old, plain glass candleholder I had into a stained glass one.

While it did end up looking nice when it was done, it didn’t turn out even close to what I wanted it to!  I guess the dollar store glass paint I bought doesn’t quite cut it for painting something that doesn’t lay flat while drying! Lesson learned.  At least it’s still pretty when lit lol!



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Tissue Paper Jack-o-Lantern Bowls

Today I made a relatively easy craft, it took mostly patience on my part.  There was a period of time during the making of these where I swear I had little squares of tissue paper stuck to every finger lol.

While a little bit messy, these would still make a cute Halloween project for kids.



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Mickey Mouse Cake Stand

I decided it would be fun to make a Disney fan on my Christmas list a Mickey Mouse Cake Stand. I figured I just needed a bowl, a plate and some buttons.  That and patience lol. I couldn’t find a black plate and red bowl at the dollar store so I bought white ones and painted them!


Here is what I started with 

Because they are shiny, I used a sanding sponge to rough them up a bit to help the paint adhere better. 

I started painting them.

I didn’t have yellow buttons so I had to paint them as well. 

Once dry I applied a few coats of sealer. 

I used a construction adhesive to attach the plate to the bottom of the bowl.
Glued on the painted/sealed buttons. 

And this is my completed Mickey Mouse Cake Stand! Another gift off my to do list all done!