Garlicky Cucumber & Radish “Spiralizer” Salad

I got a Spiralizer for Mother’s Day!!!! I guess all my hints paid off lol.  I have been wanting one for what seems like ages but never remembered to order myself one.  Now I have one! I received beautiful gifts from both of my kids… thank you to both of you… as well as from Chris and not only a wonderful lunch at my “in-laws” home but some beautiful cream coloured roses!  I was spoiled!

Since we were having the Mother’s Day lunch and although I was told I didn’t need to bring anything I couldn’t help myself… especially once I received the Spiralizer!!! I had to find something to make and this won out.  I was going to use the same recipe I use when making my usual Cucumber Salad, but this time I tried a different dressing and other than the cucumber and radish spirals being very long and difficult to serve up ( I will have to remember next time to cut them into smaller pieces lol), everyone enjoyed the salad immensely!



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Mother’s Day Flower Pens

“I hope everyone had a great Mother’s day yesterday!  I wanted to share something  I made for my mother-in-law!  She loves funky pens and I remembered seeing pens made out of the heads of artificial flowers and thought what a great gift for her!  So…. I made a little “bouquet” of them for her for Mother’s Day!

This is  quick and easy project and sure to brighten up anyone’s day!



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Owl Veggies and Dip Platter

I really hemmed and hawed about posting this because it is so simple to prepare but decided it is just so damn cute that it deserves it’s own post lol!

This was perfect for the baby shower but would also be great to take to or serve for any type of gathering!



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Cake Plate Christmas Cloche 

Yes, I know it’s still early but I really wanted to try this.I think I saw something like this in a store window, it just wasn’t Christmas themed.

The kids bought me a beautiful cake plate for Mother’s Day probably almost 20 years ago and I thought it was perfect for this craft!


Here is what I started with. 

I just used batting because it’s fluffier. 
I cut out a circle to fit the cake plate and laid it on the base.

I arranged, and yes rearranged, the village items I bought until I found a scene I liked.

Then I used two sided tape to adhere them to the cake plate base.
I sprinkled a few sparkles over the scene, then put the lid back on. 

And to finish it off, I added a nice bow to the ball at the top, the handle!

Dollar Store Craft – Glass Bead Candle Holder

Let me start by saying that this is a “Leftover” materials craft.  When I made the glass bead wind chime, I had some of the glass beads left over.  I was just going to add them to my stash but then decided to do something else with them because as I am sure the rest of you know… the stash does not need anything else lol!

This ended up being basically a free craft for me because I already had a square clear glass container I could use for it!



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