Our Mother’s Day Lunch Update

Well, we did it! We pulled it off and I think we even did it without a hitch.  Shame the rest of the days events didn’t go as well!

We had a wonderful lunch, everyone ate way too much,  Chris and my father-in-law, Randy, went out on their planned 2017 Maiden Voyage on the fishing boat  (a maiden voyage that a Three Stooges episode couldn’t rival and would require another whole post lol!), Codey, Kim’s husband wasn’t feeling well and we had a bonfire, in the pouring rain! Pretty much everyone ended up soaking wet by one method or another!

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Our Mother’s Day Lunch 

Okay, I am completely exhausted, but I DID get everything done for tomorrow… somehow! Food is ready, house is clean and all my Sunday “chores” are done too! I can just relax and enjoy Mother’s Day with my kids, husband and in-laws! Can’t wait.

BUT before I relax, I wanted to show off all the “pretty” food I made for tomorrow. Kim is going to do her own post of all the yummy food she has made for tomorrow.

Here is the lowdown on my side of the menu. Thank you Pinterest for having such awesome ideas to make our lunch a success!


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Hershey Kisses Roses

It was years ago the first time I made these.  I honestly can’t even remember where I saw them the first time but I loved them.  Chocolate and Roses in one?  How much better can you get than this?  AND it is so easy to do!  It would be a great craft for kids to make for Mother’s Day and no tools necessary, not even the glue gun!  (Please excuse the ugly burn on my thumb in some of the pictures!  When I was making the pinecone topiary the glue gun decided it wanted to fight dirty…. and it won!)


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Bath Bombs  – Part #1

And since it went fairly well, there will be a Part #2 lol.

I was really concerned when I started these.  I have read many horror stories about them disintegrating, not sticking together,  sticking to everything they aren’t supposed to and more! I will admit, I did have the sticking to everything problem… well, at least sticking to the molds!


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Soap Making – Part #2

Today I decided to play with soap again lol.  It is a novelty being able to do a “craft” project and end up cleaner than you started!

This time I decided to experiment with a few different things.  I wanted to try a sort of marble effect, adding a different colour accent to the soap and the addition of other ingredients/additive type things…

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