Reflection: Hosting First New Year’s Dinner

I was so afraid my first holiday hosting gig would be a disaster so I didn’t take any pictures. This is from one of my mom’s previous posts: She’s a holiday pro!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2019 is off to a great start!

For me, 2019 started in a way unlike any other year. Not only was this my first new year as a mom but it was also the first time I hosted a large holiday dinner.

Now two weeks into the new year and fully recovered from the holidays, I wanted to reflect on my experience.


Fabric Sewing Machine Cover

Up until today I have been using the cardboard box the sewing machine came in as a cover to keep the cats out of the thread.  We had one of our cats ingest some thread he found a few years back and it was not a good situation so it has remained covered ever since.

A week or two ago I ordered a piece of fabric from Etsy to make the sewing machine cover and finally got to actually making it on Saturday.  I have been very busy in the craft room trying to get everything finally finished.  It is exciting but crazy busy.. meaning I may miss a few days here and there of posting.

It still needs to be ironed but it was finished enough to at least post lol!


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Chicken Thighs and Potatoes in the Instapot

Today was supposed to be a post about my sewing machine table redo… but I seem to have lost the tulle that I wanted to use to finish it, so now I have to wait until the tulle I ordered yesterday shows up to finish.  It is all painted and ready to finish…. once I get more tulle.

On the other hand, I made a very nice dinner in the Instapot last night.  I don’t think that Chris even took a breath when eating it and over and over again told me how much he enjoyed it lol.  It even passed the “Chocolate Milk” test!


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Creamy Cocoa Cream Pie

I have been so busy working on the sewing table redo and the rest of the craft room that dessert yesterday had to be something I could make pretty quickly. I almost always have a ball of pastry in the freezer for just such an occasion and took advantage of it to make this pie.  If you are not a fan of pastry you could always make this in a graham crust pie shell or any other favourite pie crust!

This dessert is deliciously creamy and chocolatey and is made from ingredients you likely already have on hand.  This filling, in a prebaked crust will keep your sweet tooth very happy! Note: Dillon is not a fan of pie crust… of any kind… but he damn near inhaled the little bit leftover filling that wouldn’t fit in the pie crust lol!

This is an old recipe but it turns out great every time…. just make sure to stir… and stir… and stir until the filling is thickened lol!



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Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie

I had some leftover Cranberry Sauce I had made for Christmas dinner and I was thinking of what I could make with it. Normally I would have made an apple crisp, adding the cranberry sauce… this year I chose to go in a different…. and can I say delicious direction! Homemade cranberry sauce, mixed with sliced fresh apple in a homemade crust with a delicious crumb topping!  Does it get any better???

This is a great way to use up any leftover cranberry sauce!



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Quick & Easy (Cheater) Garlic Bread Sticks

On one of the nights between Christmas and New Year’s I was feeling particularly lazy…. too lazy make bread.  I knew I had an “emergency” tube of pizza dough in the fridge (although you could use any pizza dough… store bought or homemade), so I thought I could make bread sticks with it.

They are definitely cheater bread sticks and definitely delicious!



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Painted LED Light Fixture – Craft Room Project

As I mentioned in my last post, I have attacking the craft room project full throttle.  Yesterday I started on the sewing table redo and once that is done I think it will be time to wash and repaint the walls!  How exciting!

As for the LED light fixture.  We switched every light bulb and fixture in the house to LED for the power savings and in all honesty, it has made a big difference.  The only problem I had was that the light fixture in the craft room was rather boring.  Nice and bright… but boring. Chris said to me, why don’t you paint it?  What a good idea…. thank you Chris, lol.

I was going to use my acrylic paints to paint I don’t know what on them but when I went to the craft room to choose my colours I saw my stained glass paint and thought it would be really cool to do it with that paint….so that’s what I did!



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