Sprinkles Shortbread Cookies

This is the same shortbread recipe my family has been making since I was a kid at least.  I honestly don’t know where the recipe came from or from who but it’s the only recipe I have ever used to make shortbread… this year however, I decided they needed some sprinkles!



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Beef Burrito Skillet

I was looking for something easy to make for dinner and in this house, Mexican is always a hit.  I took out some ground beef, some flour tortillas and made a quick burrito meal in the frying pan/skillet!



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Creepy Looking “Colossus”

Let me start by saying that yes, I do know how ugly that is lol!

Dillon watches a TV show called Attack on Titan.  Colossus is apparently one of the characters.  In true fashion, when I asked him what he would like for Christmas he picked something that was going to put me through my paces lol.

He wanted, more or less, what he referred to of a giant wooden book mark in the shape of this Colossus’ head to put in the centre of his collection of books with the same title. Apparently the Colossus in the show is always looking down on everyone else and he thought it would be fitting!



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Wooden Diner Sign 

The events of the past week or two have put me behind… again.  I’m honestly starting to think that me running around at the last minute like a crazy person  (and Yes, crazier than usual lol) is just another of our family traditions.  I just start thinking I’m ahead of the game and then it’s less than 2 weeks until the big day! Where did all the time go???

This is another one of the projects that I cut out using my scroll saw in the summer.  It too is a Christmas gift and I’m hoping that the person it’s for doesn’t see this post and ruin the surprise!

This is how it looked after I cut it out.

To me, using my scroll saw is sort of like sewing.  I just draw what I want on the pieces of wood and then follow the lines!

I base painted it white and then started to paint the rest.

Then it just needed a coat of sealer and a sawtooth hanger on the back and it’s ready to go!

Another Christmas gift finally finished!

Condensed Milk “Christmas” Fudge

It has been a very traumatic/dramatic/draining weekend.  I am finally starting to lose some of the pain from the gout in my shoulder but yesterday we had to rush one of our dogs to the emergency vet clinic.  She is going to recover but had to have an emergency hysterectomy last night.  Thankfully she is now resting at home, drugged to the nines with a shaved/stitched up belly.

Obviously that took precedent over Christmas baking, posting, everything else…. I didn’t even make beds yesterday!  Today however, I made a batch of condensed milk fudge.  I love making fudge this way.  It is so quick and easy and you can add whatever you want to it to create your own version of the fudge.  I generally stick with making a batch of Chocolate Mint fudge but this year I thought I would also try this one. I will hopefully post the Chocolate mint one tomorrow!


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