Stuffed Taco Burgers

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Since I am on Grandma babysitting duty this week, I thought I would share some of our favourite summer posts…. whether it be recipes or crafts, I thought a recap might be nice for this week!

This recipe is for a delicious stuffed burger!  Enjoy!

I do know it’s not burger season… not really… at least I don’t want to be standing outside, freezing my butt off bbqing something for dinner! But last week I saw a post on for cheeseburgers and it reminded me of the stuffed burger maker that Dillon bought me for Christmas and decided I would just cook some up inside and make them with fresh cut fries using the air fryer that Dillon also bought me…. hmmm… are we noticing a theme yet lol?



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Homemade Glass Cleaner

Here is another “recipe” for a homemade version of window/glass cleaner for your home.

Quick and easy to make and it leaves a streak free finish!

You will need:

  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup cleaning vinegar
  • 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tbsp. Corn starch

Mix everything together in a large measuring cup until corn starch is completely dissolved.

Pour into a dollar store spray bottle and you are all set to clean your glass, mirrors or the like… and you made it yourself!


Homemade Dishwasher Tabs

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I have been getting into making my own cleaning products. It has been fun to experiment and even more so, knowing when I am cleaning I am not using any harmful chemicals.

I use cleaning strength vinegar for a lot of things but for some things, I like to go in other directions. I am going to make my own “Windex” in another post…. not very exciting but again, homemade and no chemicals.


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Pork Skewers in a Molasses Marinade

I have to say it’s hilarious watching Chris when this is what we are having for dinner. I swear once his own are eaten he keep s checking Dillon’s plate to see if maybe he didn’t eat all of his. And some times I swear he keeps looking to see if I am watching as if he is going to actually lick the plate lol. It’s okay, one of my greatest pleasures in life is to feed people and even more than that… to see how much they enjoy it! Knowing how much my cooking is enjoyed/appreciated helps keep me motivated to continue and to try different things!


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Turtle Rock

No, this isn’t some kind of new age music lol. It is literally a rock!

When I chose the rock to do my Welcome Sign Rock last week I noticed another rock that I thought would be cool to paint. I decided I wanted to paint it to look like a turtle. Apparently it isn’t/wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I didn’t have much trouble painting the turtle’s shell… my problems started with the face! I have painted and repainted the face about 8 times to get something that resembles something other than a cartoon turtle!

While I do understand it is still just a rock when all is said and done… I really wanted it to look maybe a little life like. I don’t mean full on turtle, I just want it to look real with a passing look… just enough to warrant a second look lol.. make sense?

I base painted the rock green, then drew a rough sketch of what I wanted the turtle to look like with a white pencil crayon.

This is how my shell turned out. That, it would seem, was the easy part even though it was what I was most worried about doing.

And, after many attempts, this is the face of my turtle.

Now all I have to do is give it a few coats of varethane and it was ready for the garden!

Outside drying on the deck!


Cajun Chicken & Rice – Instapot

The other day it was too hot to have the oven on and too hot to stand on the back deck to BBQ…. so… enter Instapot. What a great tool for days like these. While it might be the same as a nice BBQed steak it is still very tasty and quick and easy to prepare!


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Gardening Update/Awesome Picture

Let me start by saying holy crapadoodle again lol! And that I give the weather full credit so far for how well my little vegetable garden is doing! I gave it one dose of fertilizer but I don’t dare do that again because I think the plants are already going to outgrow my little garden.

I am going to lead with my self-proclaimed “Awesome Picture.” It was pure luck and involved cooperation with a dragonfly. I love dragonflies… I collect them and even have one tattooed on one of my shoulders… so to have one cooperate long enough for me to snap a really good picture with my cell was a bonus. On a side note, I can remember growing up and being at the cottage summers and playing with dragonflies, frogs and the like. I swear we spent all day outside, either in the water, at the base of the “mountain,” (basically a big rock outcrop that we called a mountain) playing with the frogs in one of the cracks or just swimming…. from April to Thanksgiving. I still love the water and would choose swimming in the lake over a pool any day!

My Picture…..

I so enjoy seeing how everything is growing, and knowing that what is just plants right now will be vegetables I can feed my family, straight from the garden. We have already had a huge batch of lettuce come in. So much lettuce in fact that we are continuously eating salads AND I have sent some to work with Chris to share with his coworkers/kids from school (I call them the kids at school because that’s exactly how they act most of the time lol)!

Monday’s Harvest

My cucumbers have almost completely filled in the Hula Hoop Trellis I made for them. I have been tying the vines to the hoops since they first starting growing and I am amazed by how much they have covered it. I am starting to think I should have made an arbour instead lol!

My tomato plants are huge and are covered with flowers AND the start of little tomatoes.

Even my pepper plants have flowers, getting ready to form into green peppers.

My celery has taken off big time….

And finally… my broccoli is showing the start of actual broccoli lol. We love broccoli and can’t wait to eat it straight from the garden.

My cauliflower is doing well too but I didn’t notice anything other than leaves yet.

So, all in all, I think my garden is doing really well…. thank you Mother Nature lol!