Quick Cricut Project – Potato/Onion Bin Label

I figured that since I’ve redone just about everything else, I might as well do the same to my potato/onion bin.

I painted it with a light gray chalk paint to start.

While it was drying I went into the Cricut Design Space and chose the font I wanted. I was even able to find some potato and onion clipart type images and a few “swirls” I thought would finish it off.

When the paint was fully dried I attached the vinyl design I had cut.

Now I have a revamped Potato/Onion Bin!



“Tide Pods” Pumpkin Containers

I have been saving the containers I get my Tide Pods laundry detergent in. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, so I just left them on a shelf in the laundry room until I decided.

Last week I finally decided exactly what that would be! I was doing laundry and looked over at them and thought to myself, “they look a lot like pumpkins.” So that is what i decided to turn them into.

They would be great just as decor, or a great place to put Halloween goodies in on the big night!


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Paint Pouring

The other day I finally tried that really cool paint pouring technique. Yes… it can be messy, but I made sure to have everything covered where I was pouring.

Maybe it was because I was only doing a small project but it wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be… and it was kind of fun!

This is what I started with.

I used my paper towel holder as a stand to hold the vase (that i gave a good cleaning to get rid of any dust from the store shelf)in place while pouring. I of course made sure it was well covered.

I poured the different colours I wanted to use into a disposable cup, one at a time. No mixing required.

And then I started to pour!!! I got Dillon to record the actual pour… sorry for the quality of video lol.

Then I just had to wait for it to dry.

While it was drying I cut some medallions similar to the back door rug I got to put on a little crate I painted to keep the stuff I like to keep beside my chair.

The rug

The vase took a little time to dry, but I think it was well worth it. The vase turned out pretty cool.

I gave it a coat of varethane, just to try to avoid the paint peeling off… and then my vase was done!

I love the look of the pouring pattern!

All and all it was a fun project to try and I know I’m going to try it again!



I don’t know why I put it off for so long… although washing the walls might be at the top of the list lol… but I am finally redecorating our main floor!!! And I am so excited to be finally starting that I thought I would share it with everyone!

Right now our walls are green. Sort of a bright olive green that I am sick of looking at. We got some new recliners and I told Chris I wanted to get gray ones to spur me on to redecorate…. so gray it was. They are so much more comfortable that our old ones and have given me the prompting I needed to get started!

At this point, it is only pictures but pictures that I can see in my head as a complete picture and I can’t wait to see if it ends up looking as good as I want it to!

Here are the chairs we got…. nice and cushy and very comfy.

This is the colour I am painting the walls….

I got this big 10 x 14 area rug for a steal to replace the light green carpet that we have now… I liked the way it had the streaks and fade, sort of like the recliners.

I ordered plain gray curtains…. (that I still need to hem)

A new quilt for the trundle bed that’s on the main floor…

I got some new cushion covers and a nice dark gray fluffy throw to put on our burgundy couch to try to bring the gray into it. I am still contemplating getting one of those gray fuzzy pillows for it too lol!

And I got a new rug for the back door, where the kitchen is to bring all the colours together…

AND…. I have finally talked Chris into the fact that our old buffet would look so much better if I chalk painted it a dark gray lol! I can’t wait to start that project when everything else is done!


Another Quick Cricut Sign

I know, everyone is probably getting sick of my Cricut posts already… sorry 😳.

I had base painted this sign/plaque a while back with something else in mind. But… when I was browsing pinterest one day I came across a really cute Farm themed, free cut file and wanted to try it!

I’m having a lot of fun learning how to use my Cricut and hope you don’t mind me sharing this journey!!!

Here is the sign when I finished it…

And here it is where I ended up hanging it!


Magazine Rack – Mini Makeover (Recycled Furniture)

Before I get fully into this post, I would like to apologize to anyone who may have left us a message through our “Contact Us” link/form. I only just noticed today where to retrieve them… I am claiming brain injury for the total oblivion when it comes to this lol. I honestly had no idea and just assumed no one was using it!

Now for this post! We are in the midst of a mini makeover of our main floor/living room. Right now our walls are green… they have been green since we moved in, albeit different shades of green and I am fed up with it.

We ordered some new recliner chairs for the living room to replace our old ones that haven’t been comfortable in a while and I ordered them in Gray so I had an excuse to not only repaint the walls something other than green, but to also replace curtains and rugs…. so in essence, a mini makeover.

As part of this mini makeover I decided that I would reuse the magazine rack I had been using to store my cookie sheets and such. Once again it is being used for it’s actual purpose, only I gave it a little makeover.

It was just plain wood before I started. We are using a sort of burgundy/wine colour to coordinate with the gray because we have a burgundy/wine coloured leather couch and when I did the Roll Top Desk Makeover I painted it with a colour to match the couch knowing that at some point I was going to change the wall colours!

This is the magazine rack before the mini makeover…

I washed it and gave it a little sanding so the paint would stick and then painted it with the same chalk paint I used on the desk.

While the paint was drying, I went to the craft room to play with my Cricut. I decided to put a bit of lettering on the magazine rack and some swirls. I did them in Gray to match the walls after they are painted.

I chose to use the words Live, Love and Laugh. Yes, they are everywhere but I still decided that’s what I would use lol. I just chose a font I liked, typed the wording into Design Space and cut the lettering/swirls.

This is my magazine rack after painting and applying the lettering/swirls….

And here it is in it’s new home, behind an end table, with some magazines already in it!


Recycled Cupboard Door Cricut Project

Sorry I am so off schedule this week. My grandmother, who has had the biggest and best impact in my life… the one person who has always always always been there for me had a heart attack this week. I have been so worried and waiting for news that everything is completely upside down!

While I have been waiting for the phone to ring I decided to “play” Cricut to take my mind off things. This project is one of the things I did while waiting.

The door I used in this project is actually from the recycled end table/cat bed I made ages ago. I kept the door because you just never know… and this week I found a purpose for it!

I haven’t hung it up yet or decided if I want to put some cup hooks on it to turn it into a key rack/decor, but the door itself is done!

To start the project I cleaned and sanded the door and removed any hardware still on it.

I decided to paint it using my gray chalkboard paint and then used a watered down acrylic to put some turquoise highlights on it.

I decided what I wanted and then cut the permanent vinyl then applied it to the surface.

Once the vinyl was applied I added a few coats of varethane and it was done… or at least done until I make a decision on the cup hooks!