The Craft Room!!!!

It’s Done!  It’s Done…. It’s Done, It’s Done, It’s DONE!!!

After all the planning, dreaming, changing of minds, and yes… some procrastination… the Craft Room (on a strict budget) is finally done!  I can’t believe it!  It took a lot of days where I pushed way more than I should have and ended up with what I call “Skullcrackers” from my brain injury but it is finished… painted, decorated, storage ideas completed and I am so happy with it and the fact it is finished.  Now maybe I can make use of it!

Thank you to everyone who “Stayed Tuned” for it’s completion and a HUGE thank you to my mother-in-law for what she did to help!

About the only thing I need to do now is to organize it more and label everything but the main part, the actual creation of it is done.  My mother-in-law told me she has a paint organizer that I can hang in there… so the next time we get together I will pick it up and hang it… I even kept a perfect spot for it on the walls!


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Craft Room Update

Yes, it has been a while. I haven’t had a chance to do anything in the craft room for ages…. until this past week… and I’ve done a lot since then. (Which is why my posts have been a bit sporadic)

I totally reorganized everything! I had a very ugly plastic drawer storage chest that I was tired of looking at. So… I cleaned out the drawers and recycled it! I used the frame in what we call the “pipe shelf, ” and put the small plastic bins in to make them more accessible (I had them stacked which meant every time I wanted anything I had to remove the whole stack).

I hung the curtains I bought to cover that shelf so I could see how I have to hem them.

I was looking at “task” chairs for at the sewing table (that I am going to start refinishing tomorrow) until Dillon of all people suggested I just get a chair cover! I found one on Amazon for under $15! The cheapest task chair I found was around $55, so a big savings! I topped it with a dollar store chair pad.

I hung up a wire rack, my washi tape dispenser and a cute, small item store above the dresser and change table I refinished earlier.

And I finally hung the awesome barn door chalkboard Chris got me for Christmas last year 😳. (I am thinking about painting the electric fireplace in some funky colour and leaving it in there for cooler days.

I put up a little shelf, hung my framed storage board and hung a really cute key/door trim thing I found when I was out somewhere… it’s perfect for hanging the new sewing scissors I got for Christmas! And I finally started putting my thread on the wire rack my mother-in-law gave me years ago!

I ordered some nice fabric to make a pretty sewing machine cover as well. I can’t take the chance of one of our cats getting into the thread lol. (Don’t mind the pile of recycling I forgot to move before I took the picture)

And I reorganized behind the door somewhat. I have some of my granddaughter’s stuff I like to keep there, as well as my wood for future projects.

I bought these really pretty wall stickers for after it’s all painted too!

And Friday I bought the paint!!!!! I went in with a colour swatch but when I went to the counter to have it mixed I saw a really close colour for half the price in the Oops bin and ended up buying that!

That means I’m getting close to it being done and being able to actually use it! I am so excited for that day to arrive! To finally have our pretty craft room ready to use!

I’m going to save showing the paint colour until it’s all done… for our big reveal… which will hopefully be in a few weeks!

BBQ Rub – Gift in a Jar

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is sneaking up on us.  I thought I was so prepared but I am finding that I am not anywhere near as close as I thought I was! I spent pretty much the whole weekend in the kitchen getting some of my Christmas baking done and I am pooped!  I also made this BBQ rub to add to our Christmas Preserve baskets for this year! It is so easy to make and a great addition to any gift!



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Roll Top Desk- Dump Rescue is Done!!!!

Yesterday I finished my Roll Top Desk makeover. If you are familiar with our posts you may have read the post last week, I think, about the desk we rescued from going to the dump.

I finished it and it’s now settled into it’s new spot in our home!

I am so happy with how it turned out! I’m just going to include a few before and after pictures.

Oh…. and I also finished my big cookie grams order yesterday. I am on a roll lol!


Roll Top Desk – Dump Rescue – WIP

A few weeks ago Chris texted me from work including a picture of a roll top desk he said some one was going to take to the dump. He asked me if I wanted it. When we got it, it was all painted with a flat white colour…. wall paint would be my guess and wasn’t all that appealing … but I figured a bit of elbow grease and a jar of chalk paint could remedy that! I had a book case I wanted to replace with something nicer and this desk fit the bill perfectly!

I am waiting for the wax to arrive and will update pictures once I get it and complete the desk transformation!


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Growing Food from Scraps- Follow up

I wanted to share one of my successes from attempting to grow from scraps.

I first tried it with green onions and it didn’t work out for me. I don’t know if I missed the new roots/planting stage or what but they went all slimey and mushy on me. I’m going to try it again and will definitely try it again.

I have however had the beginning of success with romaine lettuce. I cut the end off flat when the lettuce was used. I put it in a bowl with water and put it outside to get sunlight and when I looked at it this morning there was the start of new leaves!!!

I will update again if it keeps going so well lol!

Growing Food from Scraps

I found this great post on that I wanted to share with everyone!

Now that I finally seem able to grow things, and considering how much of the items she lists we throw out in a day, I’ve decided I am going to give some of these a try!!!

Thank you Kelley for the great post/idea!