Creamy Grape Tomato and Cucumber Salad

When I was preparing dinner last night I realized that I hadn’t figured out a salad to go with it.  I knew I had a container of field grape tomatoes and a cucumber that needed to be used before I could buy anymore.  This salad is the end result of using the two of them up!


This salad uses a minimum of ingredients, is quick and easy to make and goes great with whatever you are grilling for dinner as a refreshing side!


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Summer Fruits Salad

Here is a fruit salad I made for Father’s Day to have with the fishing themed cupcakes Kim made and brought for everyone!

Fruit salads are very refreshing as dessert, especially on hot days!



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My Favourite Summer Recipes


This week Kim and I are both doing versions of our favourite summer recipes.  You will have already seen Kim’s favourites earlier this week… this is mine, and I will admit that most of it revolves around homemade ice cream lol!


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Potato Salad

Yesterday was a rough day so I didn’t get much done, not even a post 😦

But…. today I post lol! With summer arriving today… Happy Summer…I thought I would post a summer salad recipe. I know potato salad doesn’t sound very exciting but with a different recipe you can change it up from the regular mayonnaise drenched potato salads. This salad is a nice refreshing take on potato salads!


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Garden Update

I can’t remember what number “Garden Update” I am on but I really wanted to share the mini bounty I picked from the garden yesterday morning along with a progress report on some of the other things I’m growing!

This is what was ready to be picked! Some little red potatoes, cherry tomatoes and some beets. The beets I might “pickle” for later!

Last week I trimmed back most of the excess leaves on the big tomato plants in the hopes all the tomatoes will ripen faster. It seems to be helping. I was so worried I was doing it wrong and I was just going to kill the plant!

I have my first baby green pepper! It’s about 2 inches across and growing.

And here are my watermelons. I was very specific about calling them watermelons… according to Dillon I can’t keep asking people to come check out my melons lol 😳

I only have 4 of them so far but considering they were just an experiment I am quite impressed with myself lol!

As you can see, black thumb notwithstanding, I am actually managing to grow some veggies for my family and I to eat!

I have already started planning my “Garden Expansion” for next year 😮


Dill Pickle Coleslaw

Yes, something dill pickle…. again.  As I’ve mentioned before, we all love dill pickles and this is just another delicious way we can incorporate it into what we eat lol!

This is a quick and easy, flavourful version of typical coleslaw.  I used a bag of the preshredded coleslaw you can get at the grocery store, added some chopped dill pickle and made a sauce using of course, some dill pickle juice in it!



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Homemade Parmesan Ranch Salad Dressing

Kim and family were coming up again on Sunday for the day.  She requested burgers and corn for dinner lol, I made burgers (recipe to follow another day), I bought fresh corn on the cob and I am making 2 salads.  I decided on a regular tossed salad and a doctored up coleslaw (recipe for this to follow another day too lol), so I thought I would make a homemade salad dressing for the regular salad… and who doesn’t love ranch dressing??? AND what could be easier than tossing all the ingredients in a mason jar and shaking?



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