2 x 4 Scrap Snowmen

I had an extra piece of 2 x 4 laying around from another craft and asked Dillon to cut it to size for me to make a few cute little snowmen with!


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Fluffy Sock Kitty

I have to admit that every time I look at this kitty I think of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and his soft kitty song lol!

Either way, here is another cute sock craft!

I started off with just a pair of fluffy socks from the dollar store. 

If you look at the picture below,  you can see how I cut the sock to make the body.

I just cut the head out of the other sock, pinned it with right sides together. 

Sewed the head and body, leaving an opening on one leg to turn it back to the right side.

Then I stuffed them.

I stitched closed the opening in the leg. (You can see the sad little tail lol)

I Sewed a gathering stitch around the base of the head,  pulled it tight and knotted it.

Next I Sewed the head to the body.

Then all I had to do was sew little buttons on for the eyes and nose and then I used embroidery floss, knotted on either side of the nose, to make whiskers! 

Sock Crafts – “Hobby Horse”

Here is another Sock project that I did today.  I actually started it the day my sewing machine quit on me and was finally able to get back to it today!

It is a pretty easy project and can be made for either boys or girls.  I chose to do one for girls, one because I still had another pair of pink socks from my Sock Monkey project and two, because it meant I could bling it up lol!


This could make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a youngster you know!


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Sock Crafts – Sock Monkey


Last week was supposed to be mostly crafts made with socks… right up and until my sewing machine crapped out on me. Thankfully Kim isn’t using hers right now so she sent it home with me after our outing last Friday.  I can sew again!!!

I haven’t made a sock monkey in years but decided that would be the first “sock craft” that I make.  Hopefully we can find enough ideas to do a “series” of crafts using socks!



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