Craft Room Shelf

On Sunday, Chris did the bottom of what we call the “Pipe Shelf” in the craft room.  It is more or less a rather large bulkhead that I want to use as storage in the craft room.

Up until now, I just had some random pieces of wood, placed haphazardly along the bottom so I could pile my s**t on top of them lol!

Chris took his measurements and used up some 2 x 4’s and fence boards we had laying around to make a nice even and strong base for our shelf! I think I figured out we will be able to fit upwards of 40 or more of the shoebox sized plastic bins in there now.  Can you imagine how much storage this will provide???

Thank you Chris!!!!!


You can see here where he cut around one of the “pipes” of the pipe shelf/bulkhead to make sure we have plenty of shelf space!


I’m still not sure if I am going to paint the base of the shelf or not but I just couldn’t wait to see how the plastic shoebox style boxes I plan on putting on the shelf fit or not lol!  I can fit those, as well as other assorted sizes of plastic storage in there…. all neatly tucked away on the new shelf base, behind the curtains I have yet to make!!!!


It just feels so good knowing we are finally heading in the right direction with the long awaited craft room!!!

Refinished Dresser (For Craft Room)

On the weekend I decided it was time to paint this old dresser we had in the basement. I thought that once redone, it would work perfect as extra storage in the craft room and that we could pretty it up!

I am getting excited about finally getting to work on the craft room.  In my mind, I can see how it will look when it’s done… now I just have to get there! (You can see my next project on the far left…. a cat bed for Jeffy!)

I bought chalk paint through Amazon, in a sort of turquoise colour.  The paint was awesome to work with.  It was thick, meaning minimal drips, and it covered great!



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Repurposed Serving Tray Chalkboards

A few weeks ago my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to go through a few things before she sent them off to the thrift store. In the basket were two little “silver” serving trays. I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with them at first but then remembered I saw on one site or another where someone made similar trays into little chalkboards, so that’s what I decided to do!


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Craft Room

This isn’t much of a post really, but I wanted to show you all the fabric we are going to use to cover up what I call the “pipe shelf,” and a few other things.

With the carpet being a sort of maroon/burgundy colour, we are going to paint the walls a soft blush colour.

If you recall we bought a quilt for the bed, now to be futon, so we decided on a nice light flowered fabric for the curtains that will cover that shelf/storage area!

This is It!

This is the ceiling fixture we’ve decided on.

And knobs for the drawers of the furniture we are going to refinish!

It will be so nice when it’s finally done!


It’s Craft Room time!!!

Sorry we have been absent for a few days.  I am claiming a Christmas hangover.  I have done pretty much nothing but what was absolutely required and a lot of napping but I think it’s go time again!

The other day I started to clean out the craft room.  Over the past few months it’s served more as the Christmas and wrapping room and it was a huge mess!

You can see the huge bag of pretty much recycling in one of the pictures!

I am going to start by painting the furniture.  Most of it will be done with a chalk paint finish.  I bought this colour of chalk paint from Amazon a while back.  I’m going to use it on this dresser. 

For the sewing table I think we are going to go with this one. I have the sewing machine set up so it can be used but had to put a cardboard box over it until I make a cover to keep the cats out of It!

We have decided to switch from the queen size bed to a futon.  We got one with wooden arms so I think I will paint it the same as the dresser. 
I have this octagonal end table I was going to make into a cat bed/table but there’s a possibility it may be painted and used in the nursery instead.

And there’s this dresser:( I’m not sure if it’s worth trying to rescue.  It was Dillons when he was a baby!

There is a lot of work to do but I’m happy it’s finally time to get going on it !

Repurposed Flower Urn – Paint Brush Holder

Chris and I stopped at a local gas station yesterday for a few things, that also has an antique/thrift/consignment store.  I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular but still looked lol.  I found a ceramic flower urn on the $1.00 table and immediately thought about making it into a holder for all my paint brushes! I could barely wait to get it home and start painting it!


(Note: I am also going to include a small Craft Room Update at the end of this post because I wasn’t sure if the little change was enough to warrant it’s own post lol!)


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Dollar Store Craft – Cherry Blossom Clock


When I was walking around the dollar store this morning, all these cool things kept “jumping” out at me.  I had an awful time deciding what I wanted to make today.  I did end up buying stuff for more than one project but I chose to start with this one!

I chose the artificial cherry blossom branches because I know Kim loves those and the clock will be hanging in the craft room!



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Freezer Paper Transfer  – Part #2  – My Fail 

I almost didn’t post this just because it was a fail but then I remembered Kim and I said at the start of our blogging adventure that we wouldn’t just post the “wins.” We decided that whatever we decided to try,  good outcome or not, we would still share it. I think this is my 2nd or 3rd now 😕!


I had great beginner’s luck doing my freezer paper jars,  so I was very confused as to why the canvases I was making did not turn out!

I base painted them with the exact same paint I used on the jars,  and I mean the exact when it comes to the pink, but even the green was the same combination of paints just different colours.

I went through the same steps,  taping freezer paper to the printer paper, mirroring my images so they appeared the correct way, printing them on the same printer, but when I did the actual act of transferring the outcome was decidedly different.

The pink one wasn’t as bad as the green but it is still barely discernable.  I was very disappointed 😕.

This is how they turned out.

The Pink One 

Before sealer.

After sealer.  It did brighten it up a little.

The Green One 

This one wasn’t even worth sealing, especially considering I even managed to get the background,  raised tree upside-down lol 😳.  I will repaint it,  maybe going even lighter and try it again.  I hope it wasn’t just the texture on the canvas that caused it but I need to know for sure.

When the jars turned out my mind was reeling with possibilities which are in limbo now until I try again.

I will update this post once I’ve tried again!