Cricut Project- Nerd Baby Bibs

I’m not sure if I’ve said anything yet, but amid all the unpleasant things happening there has been some very good news. I am going to be a grandmother again… to a baby boy! So… when I was looking for a project the other day to try to occupy my mind for a little while I thought why not make something for the baby.

Since my grandson is going to be brought up “nerd,” that seemed a good place to start. I started searching different clipart images until I found something that looked easy enough for me to turn into svg cut files. I decided on images from everyone’s favourite wizard book and movie series… Harry Potter.

I chose the images I wanted, cleaned them up in Design Space, cut them out of Heat Transfer Vinyl and then ironed them onto some plain white bibs I already had.

Now I have some cute little Nerd bibs ready for my grandson when he’s born!


Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy – Sewing

I found a cute little teddy bear sewing pattern when I did a search online for a different pattern.  It was very easy to make and turned out pretty well for my granddaughter.  I think the only thing I would change if I were to make it again would be to make the ears bigger on the pattern  They turned out smaller that I thought they would and I think teddy bears should have big ears lol!

I used the pattern for the teddy bear itself and then just made a little skirt and straps to add to it once it was sewn.


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Crocheted Owl Lovey Blanket

I am very embarrassed to say that I started this blanket while Kim was still pregnant and just finished it the other day!!! I can’t believe it took me this long but I told myself the other day that I can’t get started on the things I want to make for Christmas until I get rid of my WIP’s!  This is one of a few more that I need to get done before I can start… and with their only being 4 months until Christmas… I had better get my butt in gear!!!



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Baby Washcloth Bouquet

This is something I saw on Pinterest and thought it would be cute to make and hand to Mommy-to-be when she arrives at her shower!

These are very easy to make and I was able to find everything at the dollar store!


Here are the items I used to make the bouquet. (And a wider ribbon for the bow)

I started by folding the washcloths. First into thirds and then in half.

And then I started to roll it. I turned over a bit of the corner of the starting side and kept rolling to the end and held it in place using scotch tape.

I rolled the other 5 up the same way.

Next I pushed a wooden skewer in through the bottom of the rolled flower carefully and taped it to the stick.

I gathered the organza ribbon around the skewer and flower then started wrapping the floral tape around to hold everything in place.

I finished the other 5 to make my bouquet.

I added a bit of greenery and a nice bow and they are ready to present to Mommy-to-be!

Onesie Baby Shower Guest Book

With the shower coming up quickly I thought I’d also better get started on the stuff I need to make, other than the food!

More of the food recipe posts will be posted soon but I wanted to share this alternative guestbook idea I made for Kim’s shower!

Here is what I started with.

Because the frame is a lighter colour than the wood in the soon to be nursery, I painted the frame darker.

While it was drying I started on the background.

I found some cute baby wrapping paper at the dollar store. I wrapped the hard cardboard backing to the frame with this paper.

Rather than having the taped up wrapping paper at the back I found a printable Certificate of Birth to tape to it. They can fill this in after baby is born!

I centred the onesie onto the background and set it in the frame. I fastened the backing pins and that’s it.

At the shower I will remove it from the frame and ask all the guests to sign it with the provided markers. It will be a different kind of guest book for Mommy, Daddy and baby to cherish… once baby is old enough lol.

Frilly Baby Washcloths

I wanted to make some pretty, frilly washcloths for the coming baby, probably to add to the ever growing shower gift lol!  These are easy to make once you have the pattern in your head and very quick… unless like me you decide to go overboard with the edging!



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Knotted Fleece Stroller Blanket 

Sorry there haven’t been many posts the past few days. I have been sick/am sick with a nasty flu bug and haven’t done much of anything. 

I thought today I would make something very simple.

If you’ve never tried a knotted fleece blanket before, they are quick and easy to make and make great gifts.  You can make them any size or shape, you could even make a round one if you wanted!

I remember making a bunch of these as gifts years ago when I was still working at a fabric store!

I made mine stroller size. It ended up being 24 x 38 inches. 

All I needed was a fleece blanket which I bought at the dollar store for only  $3.00 and some scissors! Looking at the width of some of the cuts, I probably also should have used my tape measure!

I began by cutting off the finished edges all around the blanket.  I folded it in half to make two pieces, a top and a bottom, and rounded the corners. 

I placed the two pieces together, wrong sides together, right sides facing out.

Then I started to cut the slits… all the way around the blanket.  I cut them about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. 

Once they were all cut I started knotting them, attaching the top layer to the bottom. 

And I continued knotting all the way around until all the slits were tied.

And I ended up with a cute, warm Knotted Fleece Stroller Blanket! Another project to the “baby collection” I’ve started for impending grandparenthood lol!


Crocheted Baby Socks 

I wanted to make a few little things to go with the Teddy Bear hat I made, so when I found this pattern on Pinterest I just had to try it!

The pattern was easy to follow and they make up very quickly 
If you are looking for a really cute addition to a baby gift, these are it!

I’m still considering making a little diaper cover to go with them.

You can find the FREE pattern here: