Garlic Bacon Burgers

Last week I decided to make some burgers.  I really didn’t know when I decided to make them what kind of burgers I was going to make but they ended up being a Garlic Bacon flavoured burgers.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed them…. which is good because I made enough of them for 2 meals… I froze half of them for another day!

I remember years ago trying to make burgers and they always, always, always fell apart when cooking.  I think I know why now…. I always made my burgers before based on how you make meatloaf…. with eggs, breadcrumbs and such and I am pretty sure that’s why I had so many issues.  The burgers seem to stay together much better without those ingredients!

Making your own burgers is fairly quick and easy and the combinations are endless!  I can’t wait for the next idea to hit so I can make some more!



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Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Well, Maple Bourbon enhanced BBQ sauce lol.  I took some plain BBQ sauce and turned it into a bit fancier version.  It is great on steaks…. which we used it on the first night, pork chops… second night lol and it will be great on chicken, turkey, sausages… you name it!  A great way to up the BBQ sauce game!

Did I mention how easy this is as well?  Throw all the ingredients in a large mason jar, shake and it’s done!



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