Hearty Beef Stew – In the Crock Pot

I thought with the cold and dreary weather we’ve been having it would be a good time to repost this recipe for stick to your ribs beef stew!



Hearty Beef Stew

Yesterday, with still feeling crappy, I threw a pot of stew in the crock pot to make for a quick and easy dinner.  This would have been great if I had remembered to turn on the crock pot!!!!  I went to make sure the veggies were all cooked around 4 pm and noticed the pot was cold.  First I thought something was wrong with it… then I realized I had plugged it in but hadn’t actually turned it on.  Not a pleasant surprise!  So, I turned it on high and hoped it would be ready for a later dinner!  Surprisingly enough, the stew was ready in time for a 7:30 meal.  Phew!

THEN…. up at 5 am this morning, my normal wake up time…. I let one of the dogs out to do his “business” and he came back in reeking of skunk!!!!  Not a good start to the day but I suppose being Friday the 13th, it could be considered expected!  Thankfully it wasn’t a full on strike like they normally get but it still smells of skunk in the house!

I was really hoping we  would get through one summer/fall season without at least one of them trying to make friends with the “black cat with the white stripe!”  We have a black cat and I always wonder if that’s who they think they are visiting… it’s that or our dogs really aren’t that bright??? Hmm….

Back on topic…. below are the steps I took to make our Hearty Beef Stew.  I hope you enjoy the recipe!



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