Hello Kitty Cake

What a busy week it’s been!  We had our second birthday(s) celebration at my in-law’s yesterday….there was 17 of us!!!!  I made a double batch of my Broccoli & Asiago Cheese soup, and 3 little quiches to take…. as well as a cake that I will post later this week.  The cake alone will take 3 posts for all the steps but it was a fun experiment! And I have a back log of about 10 posts I need to actually type!!!

With last week being Dillon’s (my now 26 year old son, if anyone isn’t aware of it) birthday…. and being the resident smart ass lol… I thought I would make him a joke birthday cake.  I honestly do not remember where it started…. but for years at every birthday, Christmas and occasions such as those, Dillon receives at least one Hello Kitty gift.  One year I made him a Hello Kitty first aid kit, it could be something little like a cookie cutter, ice cube tray, whatever but always something Hello Kitty. 

When I baked the cakes for the birthday cake for Sunday, I made one extra round layer to use for Dillon’s birthday cake. I used the pieces I cut off the layers to make them sit even and made him this Hello Kitty cake lol.  When he got home from work that day I told him to check in the fridge at the awesome birthday cake I made for him.  He took one look and just burst out laughing.  Thankfully he is used to his mom’s strange sense of humour!


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Chris’ Birthday Cake(s)

This past weekend was Chris’ birthday.  Happy Birthday Chris!  The very first cake I ever made for Chris was a Maraschino Cherry Chocolate cake, that he loved, it’s not the same as this one because the cherries are baked inside of that one but it is still delicious and I will have to make it again one day to post!

As usual, for his birthday I made him his favourite cake! It is a faux Black Forest Cake.  I also made another version of it to take to his family birthday get together. I called this one a White Forest Cake because I made it with a white cake instead of the chocolate.  It too received good reviews!  When I finished icing and decorating the cake for Chris, I texted him a picture because he was in the garage.  I got back “Holy #*(^%(&, that is freaking awesome” lol!  Yes, it is his favourite!!!



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