Day #3 – Playing with my Sewing Machine

Is anyone getting sick of seeing the pictures I am posting of the things I am doing with my new sewing machine lol? I can take it if you are. I just can’t seem to help myself… it has become like an addiction. I swear when I get up in the morning one of my first thoughts… after lots of coffee… is what can I do on my new sewing machine today lol.

I did have to take a day away from it to get some cleaning done around here… while our house is always tidy, it still needed some vacuuming and dusting and such so I had to use all the willpower I could muster to get it done and not spend my day in the craft room “playing!”

This time I decided to play around with a canvas tote I bought as part of a set of 3 when Dillon and I were in town last week and went to Walmart.

Again I wasn’t sure I would even be able to hoop it in such a way that it could be embroidered, but I managed and it really wasn’t all that difficult!

I did an embroidered picture, played with the automatic button holer, a different font and then did some regular stitching to add some trim. I figure the more I play, the more I will learn the ins and outs of my new machine!


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