Homemade Hamburger/Sandwich Buns

Last week I FINALLY got my new tattoo last Friday!!!!  While I was having it done Dillon did the grocery shopping for me.  Needless to say I found all week that I was out of things I shouldn’t have been lol.  I can’t really blame him… he stuck….. and I mean literally stuck… to my list.  Anything I forgot to add didn’t make it into the cart.  One of those things being the buns I usually get to make sandwiches for Dillon’s lunch with.  That meant pulling the KitchenAid out and making my own!

Yes homemade taste so much better… not to mention the smell coming from the kitchen when you are baking them… but some weeks (most weeks) it is just way easier to buy them.  And yes I do know that is very, very lazy!


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