Spanish Bar Cake

I really wanted to make something different for dessert the other night.  I had seen various recipes for the bar cake online and in some of my old recipes and knew it was something I hadn’t made in ages…. and ages. 

I remember this cake being called “Spanish Bar Cake” at grocery stores around where I grew up. I have an uncle who used to be a baker at the A&P/Dominion grocery stores and this cake was always around because of it.  This is my version of the bar cake, modified to take advantage of the microwave… making it even easier to make.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

Let me say before I get too far… because this cake is baked as a 9 x 13 slab cake and then cut to form the bar shape of the final cake…. it makes a rather large cake… so be prepared to share or as I am going to do…. freeze half of it for a last minute dessert when needed!


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Molasses Raisin Tea Cake

The taste of molasses baked in something always reminds me of gingerbread. To me gingerbread qualifies as a comfort food based solely on it’s association with Christmas and all the associated smells and good feelings that time of year invokes. Since it isn’t common to make gingerbread all year round I thought I would make a molasses/spice tea cake to get that same feeling.

It smelled awesome baking, it almost did smell like Christmas lol and the cake is delicious!



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